Top Tested Fall Crockpot Recipes: A Pinterest Roundup

top tested fall crock-pot recipes
top tested fall crock-pot recipes Master The Art Of The Slow Cooker by trenttsd. CC2.0

As Fall rolls in here in Seattle, it’s starting to get rainy and windy. That always makes me want a nice hot, great smelling crockpot comfort food waiting for dinner! I LOVE that as a mom I can have a meal ready for dinner and not have to cook at dinner time.

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Not to mention with the hustle and bustle of back to school and after school sports, things can be crazy! Plus I would much rather enjoy those hours of daylight we still get before it gets darks so early.

When I was a working momma we lived off crockpot meals because by the time we got home it was already late. If I was to start cooking then we wouldn’t eat until close to 7 and when you have a 1-year-old who goes to bed by 7:30 that just doesn’t work. If we wanted to have any playing time we needed to have a meal prepared for us.

I definitely learned which meals were the best and which meals would be burnt to the crockpot if left for a whole day. So, take my months of testing and enjoy a deliciously prepared meal on a cold dark fall evening.


Top Tested Fall Crockpot Recipes


  • bleuSlow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu by Easy Slow Cooker MealsThis is a great meal! My husband loves the stuffing topping! But beware don’t leave longer than the suggested 4-6 hours or you will come home to really dry chicken. If your crock pot switches to warm you may be able to get away with a little while longer.



  • crockpot-beef-stroganoffCrockpot Beef Stroganoff by StockPilingMoms  So yummy another hubby fav. I make the noodles the night before and then just microwave them when I get home. It goes well with rice too! This one can last a long long day just add a little more liquid.







  • dsc02986Yummo Pork Roast by Poore Amy This is the BEST way to make a pork roast in the crockpot! So flavorful! Yum! I sometimes add potatoes and carrots for a full meal and it can sit all day and taste delicious!


  • taquitos-cream-cheeseCream Cheese Chicken Taquitos by TGIFThis one may be the very best because it takes some cooking when it comes out of the crockpot. You have to put in in tortillas and crisp them in the oven so leave extra time for this. Can sit all day with a little extra liquid. So delicious and oven hot is the best!



  • chickenandriceslowcookerdone_thumbSlow Cooker Chicken and Gravy by Eat At Home I love chicken and rice! It is definitely my comfort food! This has a little kick of soy sauce to change up the traditional flavor and it’s soooo good! Can cook all day with a little extra liquid. Just pre-make the rice in your rice cooker the night before.


  • picw8rgxnCrockpot Chicken and Stuffing by Lubie on Food.comThis is my hubby’s favorite meal! He is a little stuffing obsessed! The crunchy top is so delicious and this is super super easy to make. The chicken will get dry if you leave it for too long, though.
  • img_4685-1Slow Cooker Jambalaya by Plain ChickenLove this girl she is picky like me and likes simple recipes! Found this when we were trying to spice things up in the crockpot and it’s a great meal! Can sit all day long and gets even better!




  • sqwCrockpot Chicken and Dumplings by Fresh Dreamer My nana would roll over in her grave if she knew I ate dumplings from refrigerator biscuits. But seriously these are so easy and good and taste like the real deal! A great comfort warm meal for a nice fall or winter night! Easy to make and can last all day in the crockpot.


My Secret Tips and Tricks to Using the Crockpot…

After using my crockpot like a crazy woman for months, I definitely found out what worked and what didn’t. A few burnt meals and last minute take out nights and here’s what I know.

The disposable liners and so awesome if you are going to use your crockpot again the next day! Really saves the hassle of cleaning it every night. Simply place the liner in and toss when you are done with your meal. Ta-da! People are geniuses, aren’t they?

Make sure you get a crockpot that switches to warm automatically and one that you can set for any length of time your choose. My old one did not and there was a lot of burnt and dry food in that thing.

Always spray with cooking spray if you’re not using a liner. Save yourself the stuck on scrubbing hassle.

Add liquid to any recipe that light on the liquid if you’re going to be leaving it for longer than recommended.
Hopefully, these meals and tips will help your family enjoy a hot prepared meal when you need it! As always please share! What are your favorites? Which meal did you enjoy the most? Any tips that I missed that can help?

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