The Benefits Of Breastfeeding In Plain English


When I was ready to start trying to get pregnant I started doing heavy research into how to get pregnant, how to have the healthiest pregnancy and how to give my newborn the best. Breastfeeding was something I knew very little about. Honestly, I knew it was good for babies, period. End of story that’s all I had ever really heard about it.

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I have this quirk that when I am interested in something I can’t enough information about it! I love to learn the how and why of things or the how to’s. My hubby would tell you I was a little crazy about everything when I got pregnant with our first. I just wanted the absolute best for her, can you blame me? Anyways, long story short I had to know everything I could about breastfeeding and why and how it was good for me and my baby.

Here’s the gist of why breastfeeding is so amazing for you and your baby in plain easy to understand English…

  • Breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby. Your body makes the exact type of milk with the exact nutrition your baby will need for the first year of life. It’s like a free 5-course meal for your baby.  the milk starts out like a salad it’s light in calories and then ends with a nice creamy Rich dessert that’s high in calories to fill up baby’s tummy and promote growth. Factor in that the meal is perfectly designed for your baby to feel full and happy and grow optimally and you can’t beat that. (Now if only I had someone to make that meal for me!)
  • There are about a million health benefits for the baby.  Baby will have dramatically lower chances of getting sicknesses, diseases, cancers, SIDS, asthma, allergies, ear infections and obesity. Breastfed babies are also known to have better vision, better teeth, and higher IQ.
  • There are also some great benefits for Mom.  Breastfeeding helps you get your pre-baby  body back faster. It also dramatically lowers your chances of getting breast, ovarian, uterine cancers. You also release some awesome hormones when your breastfeeding. Prolactin which relaxes and calms you and oxytocin which is known as the love hormone and makes you bond with and love your baby. Those awesome hormones also decrease your risk for postpartum depression.
  • Studies have shown breastfeeding  leads to smarter and happier children.  The DHA in breast milk promotes brain growth and the connections formed during the time you’re bonding while breastfeeding increase brain growth as well. Children who are breastfed feel  secure and loved which translates into happier,more independent adults.

Hopefully covering a ton of information in easy-to-understand terms will make you want to do your own research or make the decision for you and that you are definitely breastfeeding. It really is amazing what your body can do and the benefits you and your baby will reap. The bond it has formed between me and my kids is amazing and I would never trade those early breastfeeding days for anything.  Here are a few sites that have amazing information on breastfeeding, along with studies to support that  information. Enjoy!

Please feel free to ask questions below! And all you breastfeeding momma’s out there add anything I left out!

2 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Breastfeeding In Plain English”

  1. I love that I had the opportunity to breastfeed my baby! I truly believe it is the best thing for him. It can be a struggle sometimes – as he doesn’t take a bottle well, which means no time “off” – but it is certainly worth it. After all, it is only a season.

    Love to see all the great benefits in an easy to digest format!

    1. Hi Abi,

      Thanks for the comment! So nice to have you here! Breastfeeding is so rewarding for both sides! I love it too! I LOVE the Lansinoh mOmma bottles! They fit in baby’s mouth closer to the way the breast does and that made the transition easier. Also nice WARM milk like mommy has helped too! Hope that helps!

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