How To Relieve Constipation In Babies and Kids

how to relieve constipation in babies and kids
how to relieve constipation in babies and kids

Oh, the things that no ever tells you about when it comes to having your own children. You could never have imagined that you would care so much or talk so much about someone else’s poop! I can promise you that you will be proud of your baby for having regular bowel movements. I can also promise you that if your little one is not pooping regularly and is constipated you will go to bed thinking of poop.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer or Financial Advisor. All posts are my opinions and things that have worked well in my life. Please consult a professional for advice.

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Little people do not come with an instruction manual. You feed them, change them, burp them and love them right? Take them to the doctor if heaven forbid they get sick. What no one tells you is that babies get gassy, constipated and they can’t tell you what is wrong with them other than by crying and screaming.

Don’t worry there are a million other mommas out there and we can help! It takes a village to raise a baby. So use that village and find out what has worked well with others, clear it with your doctor and go for it! Here is what has worked well for the children I have looked after.

How to help ease constipation in your baby or child…


  • My #1 cure-all for stomach problems – I can’t stop talking about this one! I tell every person I meet, I even tell people when I overhear their conversations! PROBIOTICS! These have been such a game changer for my little ones as well as other little ones I have watched. Little people have immature GI tracts with immature cells and they are really not intended to digest anything other breastmilk for the first little while. Probiotics are good bacteria that can help regulate your gut and get things moving! There are infant, child and adult versions and they can be as easy as a few drops on the tongue daily. Of course, you need to clear it with your child’s doctor first but I have never heard of a doctor who didn’t love probiotics. It is a natural way to help get things moving.
  • For babies that can’t eat yetBreastmilk is the best thing you can offer your baby. It is designed specifically for your particular baby and the benefits you and your baby will reap from breastfeeding are amazing! If you can’t or don’t want to breastfeed I totally understand! Probiotics are my go to for those first months before baby can eat. Along with regular feedings every 2-3 hours to help baby stay hydrated and keep things flushing through. You may have to consider trying different types of formula with your baby if he/she can’t poop. Consulting your doctor is they way to go before trying different options.
  • For babies/kids that can eat – The P’s are the way to go when your little one can eat. It’s an easy way to remember the foods that help get things moving! Pears, peaches, plums and prunes! For babies, it’s super easy just grab some baby food and let your little one gobble it up. For kiddos slice up some fresh fruit and if they won’t eat it, try giving them the baby food! Tell them is is pear sauce or peach sauce!(I don’t like to use grains for babies because they are more complicated for those tummies to break down)
  • For kids over 2 – We love to use this recipe for buttermilk banana bran muffins! They seriously get the job done! If you kiddos have allergies and can’t tolerate the wheat or buttermilk then I recommend trying this great fiber kid friendly berry spinach smoothies! I would add in some pears instead of the banana to help really boost it! Also, try this amazing Flax oil for kids! It works really well!
  • What to avoid – There are definitely some foods that your will want to steer clear of if your little one is constipated. Dairy, bananas, and processed food are they ones you want to avoid. Store bought chips, cookies, lunchables and really anything high in fat and salt that is pre-packaged is going to be harder for their tummy to break down.
  • What to eat – The P’s as suggested above. Fruits(not bananas) and Veggies are great because they are high in fiber! Oatmeal, whole grain bread, bran cereal, granola. High fiber food items are what you are looking for.
  • What to drink – Water! More water and more water! Send a cute water bottle to school or daycare with your child and make sure to ask them and their caregivers to remind them to drink it constantly! Lack of water can be a huge reason for constipation or hard poops that kids don’t want to push out because they hurt! Flax oil is a great way to stay regular too. This strawberry version is a great kid friendly choice that they won’t mind taking.

Hopefully one of these suggestions will help keep your little one regular. If you have tried everything and still no luck you should definitely discuss underlying conditions with your doctor. Sometimes there are food allergies involved and sometimes there can be more serious issues.

Please join my village and share! Did any of these suggestions work well for you? What are your secrets to keeping your little ones regular?

4 thoughts on “How To Relieve Constipation In Babies and Kids”

  1. My 8 weeks old baby had severe colic symptoms who was on Zantac for a whole week but it didn’t make any change in his condition. A friend told about babies magic tea which not only settled his colic but also relieved his tummy gas.

    1. Hi Bethel,

      Thank you for sharing! Would you please share the link or recipe for babies magic tea with us?

  2. I have tried the gerber colic drops recommended by my LO pediatrician and within 30 minutes she’s pooping so I definitely believe in that’s stuff! I’ve tried prebiotics from mommy bliss and they work but take longer. Hubby is gonna pick up flax oil after work tomorrow! I’m looking forward to seeing how that works. We are in the transition phase to toddlerhood and haven’t had success taking away the reguline formula. Don’t think she should have probiotics long term so praying the flax oil will be are daily supplement! Thanks!

    1. Hi Christina,

      So nice to have you here! Glad the probiotic drops have worked for your little one. I hope that the flax oil will work well too! Sometimes it is the perfect addition to a fiber-rich diet. I’ll keep you in my thoughts! : )

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