How To Start The Day Feeling Great! (mommy nighttime routine)

how to start your day feeling great a mommy nighttime routine
how to start your day feeling great a mommy nighttime routine

I am writing this post as I put this routine back into action in my own life. I absolutely hate waking up and feeling stressed about the day! How am I going to get 2 (3 at the moment) kids dressed and ready and attempt to make myself look like a human to get out of the house at a decent time. Without leaving my house a chaotic mess to come home to. It’s been feeling slightly impossible lately.

The funny part about this is that when I was working it had to happen or I would be late to work. So it’s something I have the skills to do and know how to do well but have neglecting. I am cutting myself a break here because I have a newborn and a 2-year-old who is pushing her molars through(ahhh), but the truth is I will be such a happier and sane person if I get back in the habit of a good routine.

Anyways, back on track now. Here is my tested nightly routine to make the day start in a positive and happy way. Keep in mind you can make little tweaks to your routine that apply to your specific situation.

  • Do the dishes at night. Get them in the dishwasher and get them running. Just do it! A messy, smelly kitchen is the worst thing to wake up to. It looks, feels and smells immediately overwhelming. While you’re in the kitchen wipe the counters down quickly too. They don’t have to be immaculate but just clean enough when you get in there in the morning to make breakfast it feels clean to you.
  • Prep for food the next day. I don’t mean start cooking for dinner. Do take out the meat that’s frozen for the next day’s meal. Pack your lunch if you’ll be leaving the house. This takes just a few minutes while you are in the kitchen but if you save it for the morning you will be rushing and making messes.
  • Take 10 minutes, set a timer and tidy up the major clutter in the rooms that you’ll be in during the morning ( kitchen, living room, dining room, your bedroom). Just put away the obvious items and only spend your 10 minutes.
  • Pick out your clothes! This takes me the most time in the morning and with kids needing my attention it seems like an impossible feat. So, do it at night. Again, the little people are sleeping and you can think about what your day looks like for tomorrow. Check the weather really quick and lay out your full outfit, yes the panties, bra and socks too. Jewelry and shoes too. Not having to think first thing in the morning is a good thing. It takes your brain a couple minutes to wake up.
  • Take a shower ( I do this after my husband gets in bed that way I don’t miss out on any us time). Some people are morning shower people, if you absolutely need the shower in the morning and know you have time for it, then keep your routine. If I save it for the morning then it won’t happen. Plus I like to let my hair air dry in the night and skip the damage and time of blow drying.
  • Check your planner, the weather and do a quick mental prep for the next day. Get any paperwork you can’t forget or other items in a place you won’t forget. This can be anything. Sunscreen, paperwork, kids soccer bags, snack for school. You get the idea just have the things you need for the next day ready by the door. Then there will be no last minute rushing around looking for these items ( and if something is dirty then you can wash it in the morning).
  • Wake up 15 minutes early in the morning or more if you won’t be exhausted. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and check your email, read a book or browse Pinterest. Get some “me time” to enjoy and slowly wake up in a relaxing way. This really makes such a huge difference for me! You have got to try it!

I really can’t explain to you how much putting this routine into action will change your mornings. You will feel happy, less stressed and more prepared for each morning. Which will translate into a fabulous day for you and the kids.

I have done this as a nanny and as a mom and both ways have truly made me and the kids more pleasant in the morning( read about a school routine for the kids here). There’s no yelling when we can’t find shin guards because we found them and put them in the soccer bag last night. Lunch is already packed so we don’t have time to argue about what is in it. I look great in an outfit that I just threw on in the morning. Plus I feel like a person because I got a few quiet minutes to myself in the morning.

Give this routine a try and tell me how it’s working in your life! Please add in any of your secret tips and tricks of your nighttime routine and how it affects your morning.

4 thoughts on “How To Start The Day Feeling Great! (mommy nighttime routine)”

  1. I wish I could be the first one up in the morning. The only way to do that is to get up at 4:30 in the morning. My girls get up at 5 (sigh). But I absolutely put everything off until the morning which does cause massive chaos. I will make more of an effort to have lunches packed and school bags ready to go. And I will admit when the kitchen is clean and dishes done it makes things so much easier. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    1. Hi Deanna,

      Oh goodness, 5am is rough! How old are your girls? It can be hard to do things at night when you just want to relax and take a break but it sure does make the morning and day start better : )

  2. Dear Erin,

    Thank you so much for details of your night routine. I tried this last night and it worked.
    I was not shouting at my children and I even found time to go over my daughters times tables. She was very relaxed and I felt in control. I hope I keep it up as I will be starting a new job in two weeks time.


    1. Hi Charmaine,

      Thank you so much for the comment! I’m so glad that the night routine is helping you and your family start the day better! Once it becomes a habit you won’t even think about it twice! Good luck with the new job, very exciting!!!

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