Dates Guys Actually Want To Go On

dates guys actually want to go on
dates guys actually want to go on

Okay ladies, today we are going to talk about dates that guys want to go on! Having a date night is a great way to stay close to your husband. If you are not married and just dating then a great date like this may be a nice surprise to show your guy that you listen and are into him. Often times dates end up being something you both enjoy or more of what we women enjoy. So it is a good idea to throw one of these dates that guys enjoy in the mix!

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This list is intended to give you a starting point and some ideas to get planning. Of course, you will be the one who knows what your guy is into and can go more in depth from there. If you honestly aren’t sure what your guy would enjoy, then ask. He will probably be happy that you are interested and will have plenty of ideas to share with you.


The dates…


I asked a group of men what THEIR idea of a good date is. A date that they would enjoy, not considering what their wife or girlfriend would like. The age range was from teens to 60’s so there is a good variety here and hopefully some inspiration to help you plan a great guy date!


Dinner – This was a fairly common answer. It had some fun variety to it. Some men said just a good dinner so they could talk and eat good food. Some liked the getting dressed up and going out to dinner idea. Many said dinner and another idea from the list. So main thing here… men like to eat! Make sure it is a restaurant and food that your guy enjoys!


Sporting Event – Think football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, MMA, horse racing. Hop online and snag some tickets to your guy’s favorite sporting event. Wear a jersey or fun attire and cheer on his team! Be fun and enjoy the time with him, even if it is not your cup of tea.


Casino – Find a local casino and test your luck! It is fun to learn new games. Have your guy teach you the ropes. You don’t have to break the bank but take enough to have a good time.


Shooting Range – If your guy enjoys guns this might be perfect for him. I went on a first date once to a shooting range. It wasn’t totally my thing but I put in a good effort and I thought it was creative and fun.


Science Center/Museum This can be a really fun date! Think of what your guy is into and find a museum for it! There are all kinds of museum’s out there and so many fun things to choose from. Car, plane, art, tech, history, sports, really be creative and find a fun place to go explore together.


Event – Lots of men answered with a concert. Make sure you choose music he is into even if you don’t enjoy it. We are going for selfless on this date. Dance and let loose! A couple drinks always make bad music sound better : ) Some other idea’s in this category are fairs and festivals. Think car show, boat show,  or music he likes festival.


Outdoors date – Some of the answers I got in this category were hiking, river rafting, paddle boarding, kayaking, ropes course. Get outside and be adventurous!


Interactive date  – For this date think a class or workshop something where you are both learning and doing something together. Painting, carving, massage, cooking or whatever else your guy is into.


Movies – This was also very high in the responses. Lots of guys are totally happy with dinner and a movie. It is even their preference! Take him to something he would enjoy! Also, go try one of the fun theaters that serve food and drinks during the movie!


Drinking – Pretty obvious here! Lots of guys love to just go the bar, grab drinks and have a great time. I was surprised by how many guys added dancing to the mix. They answered drinking and dancing. So go to a fun place with good music and get a little tipsy, let loose, and take an Uber home!


Best of date – I thought this one was pretty creative. It is a date where you find the best of Think best bloody mary or best fish and chips in town. So you pop around to different places searching for the best in town! So fun!

Groupon is a great place to find inspiration for fun events and things coming up in your area. There are so many awesome activities I didn’t even know existed in my area until I scrolled through Groupon looking for new ideas. So head over and check it out…see what you can find that your guy would enjoy!

What to keep in mind…


Remember when you are on this date to bring your best self! The girl your guy fell for! No one wants to drag someone on a date they don’t want to be on. Be fun, interactive, silly, flirty. Make sure he can see that you are enjoying something he enjoys, with him. Even if you don’t love it, love that he is enjoying it and that he loves it. Afterall, you love him or you wouldn’t have taken the time to plan this date in the first place.


Plan ahead! Tickets can sell out fast! Make sure you have a sitter in place if you have kids…overnight if possible so you can really enjoy a night together. Your choice on surprise or not but giving him something to look forward to and to love the idea that you planned it is always a good idea : )


Don’t forget to be the girl your guy fell for! I would love to hear from you all about how these dates went or what you planned for your guy. Even if you never leave comments I would LOVE if you left one here! I want this to be a place for women to connect!

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