5 Tips To Soothe A Gassy Baby

5 tips to soothe a gassy baby
5 tips to soothe a gassy baby

Your perfect new little baby just cannot be soothed. Baby is fed, burped, changed, swaddled, not sleepy but for some reason, that little bundle is just not happy. The usual culprit is gas bubbles. Sweet tiny little humans, have a very immature GI tract and just cannot quite get their little body to do what they need it to do(pass gas).

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There is seriously nothing worse than seeing your little baby arch their back and cry out in pain. Poor thing doesn’t even know what is wrong! Baby is looking at you as if to say, “Come on Mom and Dad you’re supposed to help me out here!” You want to help your little one but don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry there are some easy and quick ways to offer relief to your little one.

How to help relieve your gassy baby…

1. Probiotics – This advice came to me from my doctor with my 1st child(of course always check with your doctor before giving your child any medicine). I never even knew baby probiotics existed! Now it’s the first thing I tell new moms about. These couple  little drops in the mouth are amazing! They really help that little GI tract even out and function properly! Gas bubbles come out and constipation is gone! Seriously a miracle cure for newborn babies! You can order them online or grab them from your local store. Just be sure to get the infant ones and use the correct dosage. I should also mention that probiotics take at least a few days to start really working. This is not a quick fix option. It is something you should use on a daily basis, not just one time here and there.

2. ExercisesSometimes all it takes for baby to pass that gas bubble is a simple exercise. There are a few options that I have found to work really well! Try giving a gentle rub from the top of the tummy towards the bum to help the bubbles head in the right direction before starting the exercises.

The baby bicycle – Lay baby on a flat surface on their back. Gently push knees up to the chest and rotate little legs like they are riding a bicycle.

Tummy Time – Sometimes just laying baby on their tummy for some tummy time can help pass gas. They may still cry but you should hear the toots come out pretty quickly.

The Diaper Change – Lay baby on their back and gently lift baby’s legs towards their tummy, like you are going to change their diaper. Chances are a big toot will come your way!

3. The Windi – I like this tool for stubborn gas bubbles that just won’t come out! It’s a little gross and not super comfortable for baby but, if it gives some relief I say it’s worth it. You will want to give a gentle rub from the top of the tummy downwards toward the bum and try the baby exercises first. Then get out the Windi. It’s a little tube that naturally lets gas out. You insert it like a rectal thermometer and out comes the gas bubbles! Pretty simple and effective.

4. Gripe WaterThis is a liquid supplement of natural herbs. Many people swear by it and I think it helped my first babe before I found out about probiotics. It’s basically ginger and fennel or other herbs that are known to soothe tummies in a baby safe version( of course, always ask your doctor before using).

5. Gas Drops –  I was gifted some of these drops at my first baby shower. So they were the first thing I tried. Simethicone is supposed to turn small bubbles into larger easier to pass bubbles. I still can’t decide if these really work or not? Some parents swear by them and I can’t say they didn’t work for my daughter because she took them regularly. I just prefer my other options that are natural now that I know about them. Everyone and every baby is different, though. You just give a little medicine dropper in the mouth and they are sweet so baby likes them. Worth a try to ease baby’s discomfort(of course ask your doctor before giving your baby and medicine).

A warm bath can also be a great way to soothe a crying baby. The heat will relax your baby and sometimes that’s all it takes to help keep things moving inside(read more about why you should give your baby baths regularly). Just be sure to keep baby warm so they enjoy the bath!

I really do think that probiotics are the best way to help regulate that tiny tummy. It is a natural way to help the immature gut of your baby to regulate itself. All of these options can be great ways to help relieve your baby of a gassy tummy. Every baby is different some babies respond well to certain treatments and others don’t. Sometimes a little trial and error to see which method works the best for your baby is needed.

Hopefully, this list will give you and your baby some relief!

As always please share! What method works best for your baby? Do you know of any other methods I missed that you love to use and work great? I love to see all your feedback and advice! After all, it takes a village, right?


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