3-6 Months Baby Sleep, Feeding and Daily Schedule/Routine

3-6 months baby sleep feeding and daily schedule routine
3-6 months baby sleep feeding and daily schedule routine

As a new mom, I was constantly wondering what a baby’s schedule should look like and if my daughter was on the right schedule. I wanted to be sure that she was healthy, well rested and not up at strange times. Was I feeding her enough? When would she be tired? Should she eat solids 3 times a day like me or more? I had a million questions!

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So, today moms, I want to share with you what the schedule of a 3-6 month baby looks like. Everyone has different lives and circumstances so keep in mind this is a stay-at-home-mom schedule. It is OKAY if your life is different. If you have to get up early to get a sibling to school, take your baby to daycare or maybe your work schedule is off these times. Adjust this schedule to fit your lifestyle. Make sure your baby is getting 15-16 hours of sleep a day, drinking milk every 2-4 hours, gets lots of love and keep a steady routine and your baby will thrive!

Why a routine/schedule is important…

I really must admit that I am a person who loves a good schedule/routine. I also want to tell you that a routine is really important for a baby/child. Little people don’t know how to tell time or what the plan for the day is. By creating a routine your baby will learn what to expect and what comes next throughout the day. This offers your baby a sense of comfort, security, and stability that will allow her/him to grow and develop properly.

Your baby trusts in you to meet basic needs and if your baby isn’t sure when the next time they will get sleep or milk it can be very hard on them. If you skip a nap you will find yourself with and overtired, cranky mess of a baby that is hard to get to sleep(not an extra tired baby who will have a better nap, babies don’t function like adults in that way. The same if you try to keep them up later so they will sleep through the night or sleep in longer, it will be the opposite). If you give baby milk a couple hours later than normal you are sure to hear about it with lots of crying and fussing.

Don’t get me wrong life happens and sometimes things get thrown off and it may be a rough day but it will not be the end of the world. However, keeping that consistency routine offers as often as possible allows your baby’s needs to be met and baby can work on meeting all those big milestones instead of crying for their needs to be met.

How your baby changes at 3-6 months old…

3-6 months is a really fun time! Your baby will start to babble, smile, laugh, sit up, get a couple teeth and even start eating some solid foods! Those first few months can be a really tough adjustment and these next few are pretty special! That first smile is sure to melt your heart! Your baby will be mich more alert and interactive at this age and it feels very rewarding after all those weeks of no sleep and round the clock care.

At this point, your baby will be ready to sleep about every 2 hours from the last time they woke up. Sometimes it will be a little sooner so just watch your baby for fussing, rubbing eyes, yawns, pulling ears and tuck them in when they are ready. A breastfed baby will be having milk every 1-3 hours and a formula fed baby will be having milk every 2-4 hours. In this age range you will get 3 big growth spurts at 3,4, and 6 months where baby may eat more than normal.

Starting solids between 4-6 months is an exciting time too! Your baby will let you know they are ready when baby is able to sit up in a highchair and is showing interest in your food. Guidelines for starting solids have really changed in 2017 so be sure to check with your pediatrician at a check up for when to start and what to start with(hint it is not rice/oatmeal cereal anymore and common allergy foods may prevent your child from developing an allergy. I am not a doctor so please always consult your pediatrician before offering any solids).

Keep in mind that breastmilk/formula are still going to be baby’s main source of nutrition at this age and is much more important for brain development and proper growth than solid foods(it is okay for baby to skip lunch but not okay to skip a breastmilk/formula feeding). After 6 months this changes and a combination of the two will give optimal nutrition to your baby.

The schedule…

I decided to add in some ideas of what you and baby can be doing throughout the day. I think it can be helpful to get a clear picture of what a real day looks like(here is a big list of what to do with baby all day). Of course, your day may look completely different and that is just fine so long as you have a steady routine in place for your little one.


7:00 am Wake up/change Wake up(already up for mom time)/change
7:15 am Feeding(milk)/Burp Feeding(milk)/Burp
7:45 am Playtime/Solids Breakfast/Tummy Time/Read Books/Go for a walk Playtime/Shower(baby can play in a bouncer in the bathroom while you shower)/Breakfast/Get Ready(put baby on play mat or blanket with toys while your get ready. Play peekaboo to make it last)/Read Books/Go for a walk
8:45 am Wind down for nap/change diaper/nurse/ Change diaper/nurse/get room ready for nap
9:00 am Nap time Momtime/clean/organize/exercise/read/relax/bill pay/meal prep/work from home
11:00 am Wake up/change Get baby/Change diaper
11:15 am Feeding(milk)/Burp Feeding(milk)/Burp
11:45 am Activity for the day/solids lunch/baby class/play date/library/park/lunch date/errands Activity for the day/solids lunch/baby class/play date/library/park/lunch date/errands
1:00 pm Nap time (can be in car seat, stroller or front pack if you are still out and about) Mom time work/errands/shopping/exercise
3:00 pm Wake up/Change Get baby/change diaper
3:15 pm Feeding(milk)/Burp Feeding(milk)/Burp
3:45 pm Playtime/Tummy time/read/go for a walk/watch mom start dinner/do laundry together/check mail Playtime/Tummy time/read/go for a walk/start dinner/do laundry together/check mail
4:45 or 5 pm Cat nap( I always push this a little earlier so baby goes down well at night) Start dinner/check emails/laundry/light cleaning/read/work
5:30 pm Wake up/change/feeding(milk) Get baby/change/feeding(milk)
5:30-6 pm Family dinner baby can sit in high chair or bouncer depending on age/ Solids dinner Family dinner at the table(it is good practice to have baby eat with you try your best to let baby stay in high chair or bouncer while you eat, its a great habit to start now)
6:00 – 6:30 pm Playtime with daddy/family play/tummy time/family walk Family play/family walk/clean up kitchen
6:50 pm Bathtime/bedtime routine(lotion/PJs/book/song) Bathtime/bedtime routine(lotion/PJs/book/song)
7:15 pm Feeding(milk)/Burp/Sleep for the night Feeding(milk)/Burp/Put baby down for the night
7:30 – 7:45 pm Sleeping Mom time/Husband time/work/exercise/watch tv/read/clean up kitchen/shower
10:00 pm Dream feed(you don’t wake the baby just do a sleeping feed it helps baby sleep a longer stretch at night) Dream feed/Bedtime
2:00 am Feeding(milk) Feeding(milk)
4-5:00 am Feeding(milk) Feeding(milk) sometimes I bring baby to bed with me at this time to help morning wake up time be closer to 7-7:30 range
7-7:30 am Wake up for the day Wake up for the day(I get up between 5:30-6 to get some mom work time in the morning! I’m most productive at this time)


No two babies are alike…

After I post a schedule or routine I always like to remind moms that every baby and mom is different. As long as your child is getting the proper amount of sleep, milk, developmental time and love then the rest of the details shouldn’t matter much. Make this schedule fit into your life, don’t worry about making your life fit into this schedule.

That being said routines are so incredibly wonderful for babies and children! It helps them feel secure, safe and know what to expect throughout their day. When there is an established routine your little one can worry about learning and growing instead of everything else.

A couple extras…

I know as a new mom I was always wondering what my baby’s day should look like or at least what other mom’s and baby’s days looked like. So, I hope this helps give you an idea of what your day can look like. I have an awesome list of what to do with baby all day! Also some details on mommy and me classes and why should take them and where to find them. Please check them out and hopefully you will be off adventuring with your little one.

As always momma’s please share with me! If you have questions, other ideas for a schedule, things to do during the day, tips and tricks that help you with your routine throughout the day please ask and share! Even if you are not one to leave comments normally I would LOVE if you left a comment here! I really want this to be a place for mom’s to share resources and connect! Plus I love having you here! I’m always up for making a new friend : )

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  1. I loved the routine. But if I nurse right before nap time, my 6 month old baby will inevitably fall asleep at the breast and I’ve worked so hard for him not to associate boob with snooze. How can I fill up his tummy before putting him down for a nap? He is *JUST* starting rice cereal this week so I can’t really count on feeding him solids before every nap. I always debate on what to do at nighttime too. He nursed around 16:30/17:00 and then goes down around 18:30/19:00 and that feels like a long time to put him down for the night without a meal

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