What To Do When Your Baby Is Sick

what to do when your baby is sick
what to do when your baby is sick  Sick Baby Girl by Kourtlyn Lott  CCby-nd2.00

Every time my little ones get sick I swear I will avoid germy places and sick kids like the plague. Then you slowly forget. Being sick as an adult is not very fun but I would take it 100 times over having sick kids! As a nasty head cold just made it’s way through my household and with two clingy, snotty and very grumpy little ones ravaging my house, all while I have a terrible sinus headache from the very same cold.

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I decided I have to share my secrets for soothing sick little ones for the other mommies and daddies out there going through this for the first couple times and not knowing what they can do to help that little person that can’t tell you what’s wrong. I have taken care of a LOT of sick kids! First as a nanny and now as a mommy. Through those sicknesses, I think I have mastered a few ways to help little ones get through a cold as best they can.

Secrets to making it through a cold with little ones…


  • Think about how you feel when you are sick – Every time I have to remind myself how I feel when I am sick. When your little one is fussing try to decode why. Think about what drives you nuts when you are sick and remember that little ones get it worse than you do because they have really small nasal passages. When I get a cold I hate being so stuffed up I can’t breathe, having a raw throat from nasal drip, nasty sinus headache, achy body, ear infection, exhaustion and I don’t feel like eating much. Consider how you feel when your sick and imagine not being able to help yourself at all.
  • For snotty and stuffy nosesLittle ones have super tiny little nasal passages and they get clogged so easily. Even if you just cleared them out 20 minutes ago you probably have to do it again. The traditional bulb suckers just don’t get the job done. The best product on the market is called Nose Frida. You use the suction power of your mouth to really get the snot out(don’t worry it doesn’t get in your mouth). Try squirting some saline solution in the nose to break up the thick stuff and make it come out for easily. No little one like having it done but when they can breath better then they can eat and sleep better. It’s well worth it!
  • Keep the air humidWhatever room your little one will sleep in, try your best to keep the air humid. It helps break down all that mucus! We love our cool mist humidifier! The water tank lasts through the night and really helps keep the air moist. Which equals out to babies that can breath better when they are sleeping.
  • Try to keep little one uprightWhen you lay little ones down flat to sleep all that mucus just collects and makes it so hard to breathe. Sometimes I let my little one nap on me in a baby carrier just so he can get some rest. For night time If you have an older child prop them up on pillows so they are at an incline to help the mucus keep moving. If you have a little one this can be harder to find a way for safe sleep… I like to use our swing(I can bring the seat in our room at night) with the back adjusted all the way up, the infant bucket car seat or our rock n play. (None of those options are intended for all night sleep so be sure to use them carefully as the manual suggests)
  • Use medicine when you think they need it If your doctor has told you it is safe to use Tylenol then by all means if your little one seems like they need it then give it to them. Sometimes they may have and achy body, headache or an earache but they can’t tell you other than by crying and fussing. If you think they need it then give it to them. Just use it safely and clear it with your doctor. (Most pediatricians have a great nurse line that can answer questions for you 24 hours so don’t hesitate to call)Here is a dosage guide for medicine by weight. I also like to use this natural cough suppressant to help stop the coughing and help little one sleep 
  • Try a warm bathThe steam from the bath and the warm water can be very beneficial in breaking up that mucus and relaxing your little one. I like to use a little bit of this vapor bubble bath to add to the bath as well. I think it really helps!
  • Give extra loves and try to stay patientSick little ones can use all the snuggles they can get. They don’t understand what is wrong with them and are counting on you to fix it. In the middle of a cry fest with snot all over you I know it can be really hard to stay patient but try to take a deep breath and remember that your little one needs you and your love. Feel free to go in the other room and curse the child or place that got your little one sick. It might make you feel a tiny bit better ; )


When you might need to go to the doctor…

I am not a doctor just a mom who has been through many colds in my day! I like to use the Mayo Clinic’s guide to when you seek medical help. It is a good point of reference. Also, don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician part of their job is to help you take care of your baby. It’s okay to be the over worried parent… your children are the most important people in your world, why wouldn’t you be over cautious? I do find that calling first can save you a visit to the doctor saying just do your best to keep your baby comfortable and wait it out. If the doctor thinks your little one needs to come in and be seen then they will tell you.

In the meantime try your best to keep yourself and other family members healthy as best you can. Remember that your child will get better soon! It always helps me to remember that as tough as this moment is my little one will be big and won’t need me like that sooner then I hope.

It takes a village! Please join mine and share! What are your secret weapons for helping your little ones feel better when they are sick? Did any of these tips help you survive a nasty cold? I love to hear from you guys!

2 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Baby Is Sick”

  1. Sick days are the worst! I especially like your first tip about thinking what it feels like to be them right now. Every time I do this I realize I should change things up. For instance, if one of my kiddos is sick with the stomach flu, he’s basically dizzy and nauseous, and I remember those first trimester days when I felt the same. I treated them accordingly, meaning be slow when I carry them around, not too much rich food, etc.

    1. Hi Nina,

      Thank you for the comment! Oh man those sick days are tough! Definitely don’t miss those early pregnancy days! That’s a perfect frame of mind for nausea!

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