What You Really Use For Baby In The First Year: Baby Registry Guide

what you really need on your baby registry
what you really need on your baby registry

Congratulations! You are going to have a baby! So exciting! Babies come with so much stuff! Setting up a baby registry is a super fun idea! There are so many cute clothes, blankets, and decorations for the perfect nursery! But then you actually go to do it and it is so overwhelming! There are so many things out there for babies and there are about 10 kinds of each of them. Seriously how do you choose? 

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer or Financial Advisor. All posts are my opinions and things that have worked well in my life. Please consult a professional for advice.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase. All opinions are my very own and I never share anything that I don’t use and love! This is at no cost to you and allows me to stay home with my babies! Thank you!

With my first little one, I definitely fell down the rabbit hole of registering for a bunch of stuff I thought we needed! It was so cute and seemed like a good idea! How could I resist? Well, it was really cute…still sitting in the closet unused.

Then the second time around with my little man I had a good grip on what we really needed and used. So, today I want to share with you the things that you will actually use in baby’s first year. I’m also going to give you some tips on what to register for if you think you want more than one baby. Hopefully, this will help you get the most from your sweet friends and family who bring baby gifts. Or if you are on a budget this can help you to narrow down your list to the things you will actually use! budget

Where to register…

There are tons of options for where to do a baby registry. You may be very tempted to choose one of your favorite stores that have super cute stuff. I am going to give you a better option, choose Amazon baby registry! You can find all the gear, basics, clothes and everything else you need, plus you can add things from any website(that super cute store you love) to your registry. So if you love something from Pottery Barn Kids you can add it to your amazon registry and have it all in one universal place. Amazon baby registry

The other awesome benefits of Amazon registry are super easy 90-day returns! Fast and often free shipping and free 2-day shipping for Prime members! Plus a great 10% (15% for Prime members)completion discount towards everything you don’t get but still want/need. Getting 15% off ALL the items we still needed was an awesome discount and pretty tough to beat! And to top it off they keep track of a thank you list so you, with your pregnancy brain you don’t have to worry about remembering who got what or where you put that thank you list your mom made.

Some things to keep in mind…

If you are planning on having more than one baby or you really want to hand down your baby items to family or friends try to choose colors of furniture and gear that are gender neutral. Maybe skip the hot pink car seat and opt for a nice gray or black instead. It will save you a lot of money down the road and these items resell better as well if you are considering that route.

Make use of the “most wanted” button to let your friends and family know what you really need the most. People LOVE to buy baby clothes and many people will add a cute outfit in with a gift so don’t feel like you have to register for tons of clothing.

Keep in mind your friends and family’s budget. If you want the top of the line items and your friends and family are middle-income you are probably not going to get much. If you put a stroller that has great reviews at a reasonable cost you are much more likely to receive that gift. I know the expensive stuff looks and sounds the best but there are many similar items without the brand name that are great too! Also be sure to add in some smaller items like grooming sets, baby spoons, and bibs for cheaper options or add-on gifts. 

Consider asking for books instead of cards. How it works is you send a little note with your baby shower invite asking guests to bring a book instead of a card with a message for baby inside the cover. Just Google books instead of cards poems and you will find tons of adorable options. Cards get put in a box or tossed in the garbage. Books get read over and over and passed down to other kids. Plus it is so sweet to read a nice message in the book every time you read it to your little one.

The furniture…

  • CRIB – This is one that is really worth having. It can last you all the way up until your little one outgrows a twin bed! Somewhere along the line people got smart and made cribs that can turn into toddler beds and then into a twin headboard for big kids. Saves us a lot of money having to buy new furniture as our kiddos grow! I love this convertible crib! Don’t forget a crib mattress to go with it! 


  • DRESSER – Everyone needs somewhere to put their clothes. A dresser can last a long time if you choose a style that can grow with your child’s tastes. From nursery to toddler room to big kid room. Skip the changing table and add a changing pad with grip to the top of a dresser and use a drawer or cute basket for diapers and wipes. Honestly, they only hold still until about 5-6 months long enough to change on the table anyways and then the floor becomes a much safer option. I keep little diaper change mat, diapers, wipes and cream in baby’s room and the living room. Just makes life so much easier!


  • LAUNDRY BASKET – This is an item that gets forgotten about all the time. It is a definite must have item because babies go through an amazing amount of clothes! try to choose a basket that can grow with your little one. Something neutral that will last.


Those 2 pieces of furniture are the only ones you really need and will use! I really enjoyed having this cute glider in our nursery though. I used it to nurse, read and rock my baby in and we still use it! Then when her brother came it got, even more, use again! We will probably say goodbye to it in a couple years as the kids get older and will need more space for play and a bigger bed. Definitely, not a must have but deserves an honorable mention.

Baby Gear…


  • CAR SEAT – This is an obvious must have required by law to travel with your baby and take her/him home from the hospital. There are a TON of options! I’m going to tell you from a mom’s perspective the best route to go with this. If you’re on a tight budget stick to just the convertible car seat that will last you until baby is about 4 or so.


  • Infant Bucket Seat – This is something that your baby will outgrow or need to be moved from by age 1 at the very latest. However, it is so worth it to have for the first year for safety reasons and for convenience as well! The upside to these is that they can click in and out of the car and stroller with a sleeping baby inside. I have used the infant bucket seat for grocery shopping, as a chair when we’re out and about, as a crib when we’re out, a crib when my little one is sick, to run errands when you don’t want to get baby out of the car seat and back in again. It’s the only safe way to take your baby for a walk in most strollers for the first 6 months of life(don’t overlook this safety precaution! Almost all strollers are not safe for baby’s head, brain and neck until 6 months of age).


      • Car Seat Strap Covers The straps of any car seat can dig into your baby if you have them pulled tight like you should. I love these easy to use and wash covers that offer nice cushion and comfort to baby. Not a necessary item but really nice to have and last the whole time they are in a car seat.
      • Car Seat Cover – Another item that is not a must have but I loved mine! It covers the infant bucket seat and gives you cover from the weather, cover for when baby falls asleep, cover from crazy baby loving people, old people and snotty kids that want to touch and breath on your tiny new baby. ; )
      • Car Seat Mirror – The first time you drive with your baby alone and the baby starts crying you will be so grateful to have one of these. It is a very simple comfort to be able to see that your baby is okay in the car seat.
  • Convertible Car Seat A convertible car seat is a car seat that can face rear and forward to accommodate your baby all the way through infancy to around 3-5 years old, depending on your child’s height and weight. It is ideal to switch to either when your baby’s head get near the top of the bucket seat or outgrows it based on the weight recommendations or at 1 year old. There are new studies out showing that safety increases in a rear facing convertible car seat at 1 year of age because most babies are getting too big at that point for their bucket seat. Keep in mind rear facing until age 2 is VERY IMPORTANT! The difference safety wise is incredible! I know many grandparents are used to the rule at age one you can switch but that is no longer the safety standard. Watch the video to see the crash test difference!
  • STROLLERA stroller is a must-have in my book! If you want to get out and about with your baby at all then this is a must have for you too! There are a LOT of choices when it comes to strollers and honestly, there are a LOT of great strollers on the market. Babies R’ Us has a ton of assembled models and will let you take them out to your car to see how easily they fit in your trunk or the back of your car. DO THIS! It is worth the trip. I still bought my stroller on amazon but I’m so glad I did this because some of the strollers I wanted were giant and really heavy and if I still wanted to get groceries in the back it was gonna be tough. Also, check out Amazon reviews. Parents are really into ease of use and practicality with babies so you can get some awesome advice in the reviews section. A must have for me was a stroller that was compatible with our bucket seat so baby could stroll when she was under 6 months. I wanted wheels that could handle all surfaces, something that wasn’t giant or super heavy, cup holders, snack tray, a reclining option so my baby could nap in it if needed, and a big basket for my purse underneath. Here is the stroller that could give that all to me! You can definitely go a budget friendly route here by purchasing a used stroller or an umbrella stroller for babies older than 6 months as well.


  • PACK N PLAY – A Pack n Play is a small, foldable baby crib that you can travel with. I LOVE whoever invented these! And the improvements over the years have been amazing too! The AAP(American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that to GREATLY reduce the risk of SIDS babies share a room with their parents for the first year of life. So what worked best for us was to have a pack n play in our room. We opted for one with a newborn napper where baby slept the first few months and then we switched to the bassinet option and finally to the regular option. It made nighttime breastfeeding so much easier to have my baby within sleepy arms reach and we could easily alternate between crib and co-sleeping which has worked really well for both my babies.


  • HIGH CHAIR – I have trouble with the reality of buying a high chair because it only gets used for a couple years and it is so big and takes up a large amount of space. With my first, we used a hand me down one but I really did not like having it then either. I really think the best way to go is to use a small space saving high chair that can be placed on your chair and turns into a booster seat as your little one grows. If you have really nice chairs and don’t want the booster to ruin them then you could choose this smaller and prettier high chair. Or even consider a chair cover to keep your chair clean.


  • BABY CARRIER When I was a new mom I am fairly sure I can say this saved my sanity! A baby carrier is how I got groceries, made dinner, cleaned the house, got out for some fresh air, got the baby to nap(my baby hated the car seat, but she loved the baby carrier) and basically went to any event. Same to be said with my second! It allowed us to be active all summer and not keep my toddler, ball of energy inside all day. I had a hand me down baby carrier that hurt my back and since my first loved it so much I made the plunge and bought the expensive but OMG so worth it baby carrier! Best purchase ever! I still use it all the time years later! I really LOVE the ErgoBaby 360 because of the support it gives and the positioning options. My babes loved being able to face out when they were old enough. The other day, in fact, I had parent participation day at dance class with my 3-year-old but my almost 1-year-old was tired, cranky and not feeling 100%. So I threw him in the baby carrier and he didn’t make a peep through the whole class and I was able to have a great time dancing with my daughter. Another great thing is that carriers re-sell(consignment, offer up, craigslist) very well for when your little one has outgrown it or you are done having kids. A MUST HAVE ITEM to survive the first year!


  • SWING/BOUNCER SEAT – Some babies love the swing and others hate the swing. So this can be a hit or miss item. It is something you won’t use past the first year so consider that when you are deciding if you want it or not. I chose to go with the combination product of a swing/bouncer seat. The seat of the swing detaches to a bouncer seat you can carry anywhere in the house. These are a great safe place to set baby down while you shower, cook, clean, get ready, work or whatever you need to do. You can hang toys from the handle to keep baby busy or add a toy bar. The catch with this is that it takes up space, your baby may not really like it, and it is only good for the first year because baby will outgrow it quickly. Not a must have but can be a good option for some families, especially if your little one likes the swinging motion.


  • WHITE NOISE MACHINEIf you plan to have a baby that sleeps and still have a life you will want one of these bad boys. We have 3 in our house! It is a little machine that makes sounds like the sounds baby is used to in the womb. Or it can make waves, thunder, rain and a couple other sounds. The important point is that it drowns out all the other noises in your house so that your baby can sleep undisturbed. Honestly, I sleep so much better with it on too(we like the ocean setting because it is not constant)! We take ours when we travel, we send it to grandma and grandpa’s house(my mom bought one too because she loves it so much), it really does make sleep happen. A must have item!

Feeding Items…

I want to start by letting you know how amazing breastfeeding is for you and for your baby! If you are interested in an easy to read version of why please check out, the benefits of breastfeeding in plain English. That being said it is totally fine to choose formula if you decide that breastfeeding is not for you. I really believe that happy moms can do a better job being a mommy and keeping a happy baby.


  • Breast PumpIf you are going the breastfeeding route then this is a must have if you ever want to go back to work, go on a date, go out to do anything! The good news is that most insurance companies cover a breast pump. So call and check with yours! You’ll want to do this before baby arrives so that the pump will have time to arrive or you can find a location to pick it up. If your insurance won’t cover the cost then register for it! The Medela Pump In Style is a great pump! Super easy to use, lasts forever, tons of accessories to go with it and it is small and travels well.
  • Breastfeeding PillowA must have for those early days in breastfeeding! It is like an extra set of hands, which is amazing when you’re first learning how to breastfeed. I have tried a lot of pillows trying to find the right one. The best I have found is called My Brestfriend Pillow. It supports your back and clicks on you so that you don’t have to keep repositioning it like some of the other pillows. We also used it to support baby as she started to sit up, so it got extra use!
  • BottlesTeaching your baby how to take a bottle is important so that you can have a break! Once you get the hang of breastfeeding and you and baby are comfortable and doing well then try introducing the bottle. I love the Lansinoh mOmma bottles because the nipple is shaped like a breastfeeding nipple is in real life and so the baby can use the right mouth position to suck from the bottle.
  • Nursing CoverI am very proud of breastfeeding but I still am not comfortable with people checking out my boobs while I feed my baby! Super awkward! A good cover can help you feel much more comfortable feeding your baby and honestly, most people will have no clue you are actually feeding your baby they will think you are cuddling or carrying your baby. Try this awesome cover that is multifunctional! I like it because it doesn’t blow up in the wind like the ones that are open on the side and my little one can’t lift it up and flash the world because it wraps around me. Also when you are wearing a shirt your have to lift your back won’t be exposed.
  • Breastmilk Storage BagsIf you plan to go out without your baby you will need to have milk stored away for your baby while you are gone. These bags are the best out there. They don’t leak and they are easy to use and thaw. Lay them flat when you freeze them for easier storage and faster thawing.



I would wait to see what the hospital starts your baby on when you are there and continue with the same formula at home unless your baby won’t tolerate it. Don’t stock up on formula though because of allergy and intolerance reasons. You may end up switching brands and formula is expensive!


  • Bottles – With formula feeding babies I love to use the AVENT bottles! No extra pieces to drive you nuts! They do great with venting and not allowing extra air into baby’s tummy. You’ll want to buy the big ones because the little ones won’t last you more than a few months! Also, the different nipple sizes are important because babies want faster flow as they grow bigger. I would recommend getting at least 8 bottles to allow you enough for a full day of feeding. Extras to leave in the diaper bag and at grandma’s house are a good idea too!
  • Drying RackI’m all for throwing bottles in the dishwasher but when they come out it is rare they are all the way dry. I love this super cute drying rack on my counter and just throw the bottles and nipples there to dry! It is not a must have item but if you are bottle feeding it is a nice extra to have.



When your baby is around 4-6 months, starting to sit up and show interest in food then it is a good time to start solids. Always consult your pediatrician for the most up to date solid food feeding guidelines. They change frequently as new studies come around. Here are the things you will want to have on hand.

  • Hand BlenderIf you plan on making your own baby food then this is the best tool to buy! It is cheap and does what all those cute little baby blenders do in a much less messy way. You can blend whatever food you have prepared in a bowl and it is so easy to clean! This is something you can use in your kitchen your whole life so it is a great purchase to have on hand! Skip all the baby food containers and try using ice cube trays with lids and freezer Ziploc bags instead! Saves space and you only use those little containers a couple months at best because babies start eating small finger foods very quickly.
  • BibsI am not a fan of laundry. Never have been never will be. In comes another great invention silicone bibs that you just rinse clean in the sink with a pocket to catch the food that falls! Yay! I love things that serve a double purpose! A couple of these will do the trick! Bonus they can even go in the dishwasher!


Play time items…

When it comes to play items baby usually outgrows them pretty quickly. However, for the sake of sanity saving, I do think that some of them can be worthwhile. Many people will add either a baby toy or outfit in with their gift so don’t worry about registering for toys. You will collect them from holidays, birthdays and any other excuse your parents or in-laws can think of to buy more baby things!


  • PLAY MAT/GYM – For the first 6 months or so or until you baby can sit up and start moving these are great! They are a stimulating, fun, soft place to lay your baby. I like some of the options that allow you to use the toys for more than just laying down. That way when your baby starts moving you can still get some use out of this product.


  • EXERSAUCER/JUMPERI am going to start with telling you that this is something that is only used for about 6 months or so. Once your baby can keep their head up safely then you can start using this toy. So around 4-6 months or so(always follow the user guidelines that come with the product you buy for safety precautions). Then once your baby is mobile and can get around(7-12 months) on their own they will start to not like being confined and you are done with the toy. Also to consider is that these are meant to be used in short spans because they are not adequate for proper development because of the body positioning when baby is in them. What they are good for is 15 minutes when you need to do something and know that the baby is safe and distracted. We used a hand me down one. They take up a lot of space but for the 15-minute spans they gave me for a few months, it was worth it to have in our home.


  • TOYS – If you choose to register for toys here is a great list of toys that last a long time and get a lot of use. Not all of them are baby safe so keep that in mind. Baby safe is anything that is not sharp or scratchy, big enough to not fit through a toilet paper roll, and safe to be put in the mouth(meaning little pieces can’t break off, paint won’t chip off, it won’t electrocute baby). This walker is a big hit at our house and can detach for younger babies to play with. Our top performer in baby toys is the octopus, shaky ball, and Baby Einstein music light toy.


Bedding, Linens, and Clothing…

I feel like this is the category that I have wasted the most money and gifts in. Either they were items we just never used, we found out there were better products that we loved or the clothes were bought wrong size or wrong season. So, I’m going to share with you only the things you need and will actually use and pointers on which one to choose.


  • CRIB SHEETS/MATTRESS PROTECTORS – These will get used at some point if you plan to eventually have your baby sleep in their own crib. I recommend the soft ones like flannel and this one! They feel so much more comfortable to put a sweet, snuggly baby down to sleep on. Here is a great waterproof mattress protector that has survived many wet nights and doesn’t make a swishy or crunchy sound. I would say you want 2 covers and 2 or 3 sheets.
  • PACK N PLAY SHEETS/MATTRESS PROTECTORSThese will be the ones you use first with your baby if you have them in your room with you. I recommend this awesome cozy sheet and this mattress protector. Again I would double up on both of these items so if there is a middle of the night leak, blow out, huge spit up, you have quick change option to get baby back to sleep.


  • MESH CRIB LINERS – If your baby will be sleeping in their crib then this is a safe must have item! Cute bumpers are a suffocation hazard and can not be used in cribs anymore! This safe option is a breathable mesh that can do the job of keeping baby’s arms, legs, hands and feet from getting stuck in between the crib slats. It helps minimize the head bumps against the slats as well. If you don’t have a liner you may have a baby waking up all night because they got an arm or leg trapped.


  • SWADDLE BLANKETS – Okay I think I may be an expert here! My kids both had to be swaddled to sleep and almost every baby I know sleeps better swaddled! Here is a post on my top favorite swaddles! The best options are easy to use, ones that actually work(babies get out of swaddles really easily once they get a little bigger and that can be a suffocation hazard) and last in the wash. For the early days and beautiful newborn hospital, photos choose one of these amazingly soft, durable, and beautifully designed traditional swaddle blankets. For a couple weeks in I recommend these amazing blankets and if you end up with a swaddle Houdini who can get out of anything this blanket will help you get some sleep. An honorable mention I love for summer are these lightweight blankets I use to cover the car seat, tie into a nursing cover, lay down to change baby on if we’re out and everything else in between. I still have on in my purse every time I leave the house.


  • WEARABLE BLANKETS – This is the only safe option other than no blanket for safe sleep in the first year. SIDS risk is greatly reduced by placing baby to sleep on their back and in a safe environment. A safe environment means no loose bedding,  no blankets,  no pillows,  no bumpers. These can all be a suffocation hazard. Even if baby gets too close to a pillow and breathes the same air he/she is exhaling for too long it can be fatal. I am very passionate about safe everything for our babies! So wearable blankets are a must! I am in LOVE with these blankets because they cover the little hands that get cold in the night! They are a swaddle transition blanket as well but I love them, they keep baby warm and snug! Our other favorite blanket is this one that has both heavier options for winter and lighter options for summer. I think that 2 to 3 blankets is good to have on hand. Keep in mind the sizes change as your baby grows so if you are swaddling early on you may only need to register for the larger size.


  • BABY BLANKETS – I registered for a lot of receiving blankets and barely ever used them. Big waste! What you really use are either the swaddle blankets or the bigger, soft baby blankets. Not the tiny baby blankets either that just don’t last more and a couple months. The bigger blankets you will use with the car seat, for playing on, to travel with, to snuggle with and when they are old enough to safely sleep with a blanket to sleep with. Here are some of my top favorites for a boy and for a girl. This neutral one is super cute too! You’ll want the size to be at least 30×40 inches.


  • BURP CLOTHS – I have had some very adorable burp cloths. They are cute to take when you are going out and about and someone will see them but they really don’t absorb well. However, the burp cloth that gets the job done and is super absorbent and awesome for baby messes is actually old fashioned cloth diapers. A pack of these will last you all the way through! I love them!


  • CHANGING PAD COVERS – If you opt to use a changing pad I recommend getting the soft covers like this one. Register for 2-3 so you can easily replace and wash if there is a mess(there will be lots!).


  • BABY WASHCLOTHS – These small washcloths are perfect to keep in the kitchen. I use them to wipe baby’s hands and face after eating. They last a long time! We still use them on my 3-year-old too! Paper towels and napkins fall apart and don’t do the job and baby wipes can irritate baby’s face so these are really handy to have.


  • CLOTHES – This is one I never added to my registry. I needed the gear and other items and I knew my family and friends would buy clothes too anyways. If you are in need of clothes over other items then go ahead and put some on there. Try to keep in mind your baby will outgrow Newborn size almost immediately(lots of babies never even fit them) and keep in mind the sizing and season you should register for. Also, make sure you understand you may have a big baby or small baby and the clothing sizes may be off. I hate to waste a cute outfit so that is why I like to wait to buy baby clothes. When family and friends come to visit they bring clothes, friends and family with babies will offer hand me downs too. Just some food for thought before you register for a ton of clothing.

Bathing, Hygiene and Health Care…


  • BABY BATH – These are big and bulky and honestly I think I used mine for like the first month. I liked this cheap foldable one to serve that purpose. Honestly, I think it is so much easier to just hop in the bath with your baby. Use a washcloth between you and baby so it isn’t so slippery. I also use adult towels and washcloths because they are big enough to do what I need them to do. If you don’t plan to bathe with your baby then a kneeling pad can be a nice bath option and will last you all the way until your child can bathe alone.


  • BATH CUP/BATH TOYS – A worthwhile purchase is a plastic bendable cup. They shape to the baby’s head so water doesn’t pour into the eyes. It will last you a long time! Bath toys are a fun thing to put on your registry too! They often get forgotten and are something that gets used for a long time too.


  • BABY HYGIENE SET – I like this set that has all the necessities in it including nail clippers, nail files, brush, comb, and thermometer. Just a simple basic set will give you the items you actually need and use.  


  • HUMIDIFIER – This is worthy of registering for now because the first time your baby gets sick it will make a HUGE difference. Tiny babies have tiny passageways they use to breathe and when they get clogged up they cry and never sleep! The cool mist humidifier will help break everything up and keep your baby breathing and you can use it for your whole family for as long as the product will last. Definitely worth it in my book!


  • NOSE FRIDA – Another tool for sick babies. This product is something I just have to share with every mom I can. It is a snot sucker that gives you the power to really get the mucus and snot out of baby’s nose. Again when babies can’t breathe they cry and never sleep and then mommy’s cry and never sleep and it’s a recipe for disaster! It works so much better than a regular bulb sucker and you can see what you are getting out. It will last until your little one can learn to blow their own nose effectively.



  • DIAPER GENIE/LIDDED GARBAGE CAN – Baby diapers can really stink! We use a diaper genie in our house. I like the original version much better than the deluxe. It traps the smell better, it is smaller and less complicated to use. If you get a Diaper Genie keep in mind you have to buy refills bags that are a little pricey. Another great option is a lidded garbage can that seals well. It works just as well and you can use any garbage bags your choose.


  • DIAPER CHANGING MAT – I get a cute basket with a handle and fill it with diapers, wipes, cream and a changing mat and use that for living room changes. If you don’t want to go to the baby’s room every time you change this idea works really well. Plus once they get bigger and start wiggling it is much safer too. I also keep on in my car or purse wherever I go. You can wash and sanitize them with some Clorox wipes, super easy!


  • CHANGING PAD – If you opt for a changing table or want to put a changing pad on the dresser any one will do the trick. They are all pretty similar. Make sure you register for a couple covers too. If you are going to use it on the dresser you will need some grip pad so that the changing pad doesn’t slide off or this changing table topper works well too.


  • DIAPERS/WIPES – If you want to register for diapers and wipes keep in mind that your baby will outgrow them quickly! The newborn size only lasts for a couple weeks if your baby is small enough to fit in them. Then once you are in size 1, I would say we went through about 1 big box(200ish count) a month. So think to register for maybe a small newborn box, 1 box of size 1 and 1 box of size 2. For wipes, any brand you like will do the trick. Another thing to think about is that some diaper and wipe brands irritate baby’s sensitive skin. So you don’t want to have a ton of diapers and wipes your baby might be allergic too. Pampers gave my premmie a terrible rash in the hospital so they switched us. Other babies might be sensitive to other brands. So go small in this category just in case. You have to try Amazon Family Subscribe and Save for diapers and wipes! The best prices out there, plus they have coupons you can clip, and they show up at your doorstep. You can’t beat that! 

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial




  • NIGHT LIGHTS – Having a couple of these around the house for all those late night hours you are going to clock until your kids move out can be helpful.
  • TEETHING TOYSThis is a safe non-mold toy that is a hit with babies! We also like to stick some frozen fruits or veggies in these and let baby soothe those angry gums.
  • DIAPER CREAMAt some point, you will need this. So good to have on hand. This cream works really well!
  • PACIFIERS/SOOTHERSMy kids never liked pacifiers but there are plenty who love to soothe by sucking. So try these ones that most babies love and are perfect for newborns.
  • INFANT TYLENOLI would rather have this on hand for when that first fever hits or your little one is teething and miserable than have to run out to the store. Good to keep in stock at home.


Well, there we go! I hope this gives you an idea of the baby products you will need and use in the first year and beyond. I know there are so many products to choose from that it can be overwhelming. I felt that way too! I really love to use Amazon because of the reviews I can read on any product before I purchase it. So use this post and those reviews as your guide to finding the best products available to you for your baby.

Skip the bottle warmer, wipe warmer, formula machine and insanely expensive bouncer. Those type of products will leave you with a grumpy baby when baby doesn’t have the comforts of home. They actually make life harder on you!
If you have any questions about products or registering please leave me a comment! I would love to help! Even if you never leave comments I would love if you left one here! My other mommies out there if you love a product that I have left out please feel free to add it in the comments and tell the soon to be mommies why they need it. I want this to be a place for women to connect and help each other out!

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