What You Really Use For Baby In The First Year: Baby Registry Guide

what you really need on your baby registry
what you really need on your baby registry

Congratulations! You are going to have a baby! So exciting! Babies come with so much stuff! Setting up a baby registry is a super fun idea! There are so many cute clothes, blankets, and decorations for the perfect nursery! But then you actually go to do it and it is so overwhelming! There are so many things out there for babies and there are about 10 kinds of each of them. Seriously how do you choose? 

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With my first little one, I definitely fell down the rabbit hole of registering for a bunch of stuff I thought we needed! It was so cute and seemed like a good idea! How could I resist? Well, it was really cute…still sitting in the closet unused.

Then the second time around with my little man I had a good grip on what we really needed and used. So, today I want to share with you the things that you will actually use in baby’s first year. I’m also going to give you some tips on what to register for if you think you want more than one baby. Hopefully, this will help you get the most from your sweet friends and family who bring baby gifts. Or if you are on a budget this can help you to narrow down your list to the things you will actually use! budget

Where to register…

There are tons of options for where to do a baby registry. You may be very tempted to choose one of your favorite stores that have super cute stuff. I am going to give you a better option, choose Amazon baby registry! You can find all the gear, basics, clothes and everything else you need, plus you can add things from any website(that super cute store you love) to your registry. So if you love something from Pottery Barn Kids you can add it to your amazon registry and have it all in one universal place. Amazon baby registry

The other awesome benefits of Amazon registry are super easy 90-day returns! Fast and often free shipping and free 2-day shipping for Prime members! Plus a great 10% (15% for Prime members)completion discount towards everything you don’t get but still want/need. Getting 15% off ALL the items we still needed was an awesome discount and pretty tough to beat! And to top it off they keep track of a thank you list so you, with your pregnancy brain you don’t have to worry about remembering who got what or where you put that thank you list your mom made.

  • DIAPERS/WIPES – If you want to register for diapers and wipes keep in mind that your baby will outgrow them quickly! The newborn size only lasts for a couple weeks if your baby is small enough to fit in them. Then once you are in size 1, I would say we went through about 1 big box(200ish count) a month. So think to register for maybe a small newborn box, 1 box of size 1 and 1 box of size 2. For wipes, any brand you like will do the trick. Another thing to think about is that some diaper and wipe brands irritate baby’s sensitive skin. So you don’t want to have a ton of diapers and wipes your baby might be allergic too. Pampers gave my premmie a terrible rash in the hospital so they switched us. Other babies might be sensitive to other brands. So go small in this category just in case. You have to try Amazon Family Subscribe and Save for diapers and wipes! The best prices out there, plus they have coupons you can clip, and they show up at your doorstep. You can’t beat that! 

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  • NIGHT LIGHTS – Having a couple of these around the house for all those late night hours you are going to clock until your kids move out can be helpful.
  • TEETHING TOYSThis is a safe non-mold toy that is a hit with babies! We also like to stick some frozen fruits or veggies in these and let baby soothe those angry gums.
  • DIAPER CREAMAt some point, you will need this. So good to have on hand. This cream works really well!
  • PACIFIERS/SOOTHERSMy kids never liked pacifiers but there are plenty who love to soothe by sucking. So try these ones that most babies love and are perfect for newborns.
  • INFANT TYLENOLI would rather have this on hand for when that first fever hits or your little one is teething and miserable than have to run out to the store. Good to keep in stock at home.


Well, there we go! I hope this gives you an idea of the baby products you will need and use in the first year and beyond. I know there are so many products to choose from that it can be overwhelming. I felt that way too! I really love to use Amazon because of the reviews I can read on any product before I purchase it. So use this post and those reviews as your guide to finding the best products available to you for your baby.

Skip the bottle warmer, wipe warmer, formula machine and insanely expensive bouncer. Those type of products will leave you with a grumpy baby when baby doesn’t have the comforts of home. They actually make life harder on you!
If you have any questions about products or registering please leave me a comment! I would love to help! Even if you never leave comments I would love if you left one here! My other mommies out there if you love a product that I have left out please feel free to add it in the comments and tell the soon to be mommies why they need it. I want this to be a place for women to connect and help each other out!

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