Tips and tools to help you keep your resolutions and goals

tips and tools to help you keep your resolutions and goals
tips and tools to help you keep your resolutions and goals

I LOVE the new year! The idea of starting fresh with new goals and a year with unlimited possibility is pretty great to look forward to. I am working on my very first product of my own! It is something that I am implementing into my own life and I will be refining it throughout the year with a launch of January 2018. Stay tuned it is going to be life changing!


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What we intend to do with our resolutions/goals…

Goals that relate to work, finances, organization, healthy habits and strengthened or new relationships are some of the top categories for new years resolutions. We start off strong with good intentions of making a change in our lives. We create a plan and then start following that plan. We get really excited about the possibilities of living out these plans and accomplishing the things we really desire! With the fresh start of a new year, we feel there is no better time to make that change than now.

What really tends to happen with our resolutions/goals…

Then in comes life with its distractions. Maybe your little ones are sick, maybe you ended up needing to help others first, maybe there was an unexpected incident. Whatever it was, it threw you off your plan to accomplish that goal. Once we skip a day or week then we give up the whole thing. Starting back up seems daunting and change is hard. So we pick the easier path of less resistance and go back to things the way they were before. Was before really that bad? Maybe we will try again next year.

How to break the cycle…

Having a way to stay organized and a system to help you take action are essentials to achieve your goals. If you have everything in your head or scattered on notepads then it will take time just to remember or find everything you need to figure how to get back on track. Time is one of those things that you just can never have enough of. The quick fix then is to just go back to what you were doing before.

Instead, you are going to have a central place where you can open up and see what your expectations of yourself are for the day. There will be something you will have planned that you can jump right back into as soon as you are able. You can quickly find a way to make up what was missed and plan it out to make it something you can accomplish!

The tools I’m using that work to make a real change…

I am one of those people who gets distracted very easily. I mean how can I not? There are so many amazing things in this world that it gets hard to stay focused on just one. Sometimes it is the not amazing things that take my attention away as well. Like a flat tire, sick babies, unexpected events and the whole slew of other “stuff” that can happen.

Tool #1…

So, the ultimate tool that I LOVE to come back to is my Living Well Spending Less Planner! It is the BEST(sorry for the big, bold, I love it, can’t tell you enough about it caps) planner that I have ever found. It has space to hold the many facets of my life all in one place!

Having one planner is essential for me because I have a master list of everything I need in one simple spot! I always know where to find it and my kids know that they can not touch it. When I get distracted, then my planner is waiting for me telling me all those great thoughts in my brain that I can’t keep straight.

This planner has everything for me! Goals, monthly planning, weekly planning, time block planning, expense tracking, meal planning and so much more! If you head over to check it out then you can actually flip through the 3-D online version to see for yourself.

Plus, Ruth the awesome creator of this magical planner always throws in amazing bonuses! She gave me access to a bunch of really helpful extra printables to use as well! You get the same access to those printables too!

This is just one of those products I use that I can not stop talking about! I love when people ask me where I got my planner because I get so excited to share how awesome it is and show it off. I might sound like a crazy fan( which I definitely am), but I also just want you guys to be able to succeed in staying organized and accomplishing your goals too!

Tool #2…

The second tool that is changing my life is something new for me. I am really excited to share with you guys today because it is something that I am literally putting into action in my own life right now! I’m seeing amazing results already for this shift in thinking and it’s too great not to pass on.  

It is a book called The 12 Week Year. I look forward to the fresh start of the new year almost as much as Christmas. I love a chance to start fresh and make a change, achieve my goals. The problem is that like most people I stay strong for a month or two and then something throws me off track.

With the 12 week year, I am starting new every 12 weeks. I get to plan out my goals, execute them effectively and take a week at the end to reflect on what is working and not working. Then I start fresh again prepared to change what wasn’t working and be more effective in reaching my goals.

The book touches a lot on the business side of things but is equally great work your personal life. It can be weight loss, finances, healthy habits, strengthing relationships, being more organized or whatever you need it to be.

The structure of your 12-week plan is designed to help you achieve your goals by creating a great plan. Using actionable steps to achieve your goals and reflecting on making sure you are seeing results from your plan.

You have got to give it a try! It is definitely a shift in thinking to take yourself out of the annual mindset and it takes some practice. The results so far are amazing! I really love it! My favorite part is that if my household gets sick or a life event throws me off, then I have my plan waiting for me to tell me what to do. And, at the end of my 12 weeks, I get a fresh start again!

Seeing a difference…

I am starting to see really great results in my own life using these 2 systems! I feel more confident and unstoppable and less overwhelmed. When a distraction is thrown my way I have something to guide me right back into what I need to get done to achieve my goals.

I think a key factor in this for me is definitely having everything organized in one place. Also, it is that I have actionable steps to use to execute my goals, I’m not just trying something, then something different or spending time in areas I shouldn’t be spending time in. My plan keeps me easily distracted mind on the tasks that will be the most valuable to my personal life as well as my business life.

I hope that these tools will help you organize your life and achieve your goals! Your resolutions can now be real goals that you can achieve.

Please come back and tell me about your first celebrations/reflections on your first 12 weeks! How you are crushing your goals! Or tell me how much you love the LWSL Planner and how it is working for your life. If you have another amazing tool that is helping you keep your resolutions please share it with us I LOVE to hear from you!

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