SAHM Routine For Baby And Toddler


SAHM routine for baby and toddler
SAHM routine for baby and toddler

Having a routine is crucial to the first couple months of having a newborn and a toddler at home. As a stay-at-home mom, your days begin to blur if you do not have a set schedule. It’s something I have been failing at for the last few weeks and it’s starting to drive me crazy and the kids too!  

So I decided to do something about it and what the something is, is a schedule…It has been amazing, we are up out of the house and productive and enjoying our days together.

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My toddler knows what to expect in our day-to-day routine and my newborn is falling right into the schedule as well. It takes a little practice getting in the habit of trying to get two kids out of the house, but once you get the hang of it, it brings sanity for all of us.

Here are the benefits to having a daily routine and weekly routine for your family.

  • If you get up and schedule some time to yourself (and some coffee)you will have a more productive day.
  • Toddlers/infants thrive on routine. Knowing what to expect will keep them both happier throughout the day, which equals a happier Mommy!
  • If you have a weekly routine you will do new activities because you will search them out and have a plan on a calendar of when certain events are happening.
  • Having everybody up dressed and fed by 9:30 a.m. gives you the opportunity to actually get out of the house and enjoy the day (being a stay-at-home mom does not mean you stay home all day or we would all be crazy ladies). Check out this post, SAHM what to do with your baby/kids all day

This is what our daily schedule looks like…

6:30 AM Wake Up Sleeping Sleeping
6:45 AM Get ready or Blog

Have coffee! ME TIME!

Sleeping Sleeping
7:30 AM Change/Nurse baby Wake/Nurse Wake/Sleeping
8:00 AM Play/snuggle with kids

Make breakfast

Playtime Wake/Screentime/


8:30 AM Breakfast/Dishes Nurse/Play Breakfast
9:00 AM Get ready for the day and get kids ready Get ready for the day(first)


Get ready for the day
9:30 AM Leave for morning activity or start home learning activity Sleeping Leave for morning activity or start home learning activity
10:00 AM Morning activity/Errands Sleeping Morning activity/Errands
12:00 PM Make Lunch/Nurse Sleep/Nurse Play or help with lunch
12:30 PM Lunch Nurse Lunch
1:00 PM Read books/ Get ready for naptime Read books/ Get ready for naptime Read books/ Get ready for naptime
1:30 PM Clean up house/ Blog/ ME TIME!!! Naptime Naptime
3:30 PM Play/Nurse/Errands/Clean up together Play/Nurse/Sleep Playtime/Errands/

Clean up together

5:00 PM Make dinner Sleeping Screentime/Playtime
5:45 PM Dinner/Nurse Nurse Dinner
6:15 PM Dishes/Play Playtime Play with daddy!
7:00 PM Bathtime/Reading Time Daddy Time Bathtime/Reading Time
7:30 PM Snuggle/Sing/Get toddler to bed Daddy Time or Join in with us Snuggle/Sing/


7:45 PM Get baby to bed/Nurse Nurse/Sleeping Sleeping


Sleeping Sleeping
10:00 PM Late night blogging or Sleeping! Sleeping Sleeping


Feel free to use my schedule or come up with whatever will work for your family. It will evolve as baby grows and has a set nap schedule but also keep in mind that baby can sleep on the go.

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