October 2016 Blog Income Report

October 2016 Blog Income Report
October 2016 Blog Income Report – Photo by Ashley

Okay, so here we go my October 2016 blog income report! I am officially a blogger(totally jumping up and down doing a happy dance)! I definitely wondered when I started this little venture when I would be able to come back and write about making money with it. It was MUCH sooner than I anticipated.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer or Financial Advisor. All posts are my opinions and things that have worked well in my life. Please consult a professional for advice.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase. All opinions are my very own and I never share anything that I don’t use and love! This is at no cost to you and allows me to stay home with my babies! Thank you!

A little bit of background…because I know you are all out there comparing or researching whether this is the right move for you(IT IS!!!)

I first stumbled across the idea of blogging around March 2016 about 6 months pregnant, trying to find a way to stay home longer with my kids. My little P arrived 2 months early in April and I knew I had to make this work! So I started writing a few posts in Google Docs and was surprised how easily the words came out and how much I really enjoyed the outlet of writing.

Barely sleeping and living between a hospital with a baby in the NICU and home with a 2-year-old was not leaving a ton of blogging time. Then rolled up in a super sale came Elite Blog Academy Lite with the Paradise Pack bundle for only like $200. I knew I needed some training because I had NO idea what I was doing.

So I dived in and bought it because I loved the early entry to EBA(only opens twice a year) and that I had the option to upgrade to the full EBA course as well. I started working my way through the course and had some stops to work on creating great content. I decided that 20 was a good number of posts for me before I wanted to start sharing my blog with the world.

In April  I made the leap to buy hosting and domain through BlueHost for a year. I spent May, June, July and August writing when I could find the time and learning how to set up my blog(read a not tech savvy newbie guide to setting up a functional working blog here). I worked my way through EBA Lite the first module and about halfway through the second module too. Thank you, Ruth, for giving me the skills to blog with a purpose and passion! Seriously, EBA is a total game changer and I think it is a fantastic course for a new blogger!

Fast forward to October where I learned everything I could about Pinterest… Where my target audience can be found!

I have 20 posts ready to go with decent images. Hoping to keep improving the writing and images as I go along. Rosemarie Groner over at The Busy Budgeter has been my go to for learning how to get my Pinterest account up and running. She is super easy for me to learn from because she learns the same way I do with actionable steps and checklists.

Pinterest business account is up and running…well it exists and has boards with pins and a best of the middle board with my pins. Like 30ish followers and no group boards. I went on Pingroupie.com and found some as I went through October. By then end of the month, I had 4 group boards that I was posting to regularly and about 180ish followers.

Why I’m sharing all of this private information…

Money has always been a private matter to me. So sharing this feels really weird to me. I don’t even talk about money with my family very often. It was the other people who shared their income that got me to start blogging in the first place. I am hoping that me sharing my income reports will inspire someone else out there the way I was inspired to start a blog. There is definitely room in the blogging world for everyone, it’s like making a new friend!

The big moment of sharing my blog with the world!

I started pinning on Wednesday, September 28th for the first time. Just a couple pins here and there with no real thought process I just wanted to get it out. I had 6 page views that day…probably just my sister(thanks for reading sis!). The next day 43, so cool! The next 122! WHAT people liked my stuff. I thought that was a pretty awesome number for day 3 of pinning. It went back down to like 20’s and 30’s for about 5 days. I got added to my first 2 group boards which was very exciting! Next day 324 pageviews! Ahh so cool this is working! The next day I went mini newbie version of viral with 2,587 page views. I was like, Yes! I’m In! This is what everyone is talking about!

It tailed off quickly to about 150-300 page views a day which was a little disappointing but still not terrible, at least people were reading. I emailed and messaged to try to get added to more group boards with not much response but I did add about 2 more group boards. Around October 24th my pageviews started a steady increase from about 400 to almost 4000 towards the end of October. They tapered off in the last couple days of October to about 1400.


The best part of it!

I got my first comments and people liked what I wrote! They said it was helpful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I’m helping other moms out there! This is the most rewarding thing I could dream up… a job where I can stay home with my babies and work from home all while helping people! It doesn’t get better than that!

The $$$ Part of it!

My Amazon Affiliate links were converting! People were reading what had helped me with my babies and they were buying those products to help them in their lives! Way too cool! What a rewarding job! I’m making money from helping people… Pinch Me. Granted it wasn’t a ton of money but it is a start. I’m just learning.

I applied for Google Adsense before I had my blog ready to launch because I had no idea you got turned down everyone just said it like it was automatic approval so that is what I assumed. Wrong… So, I went back and set up my blog properly and about halfway through October reapplied and got approved. The Adsense earnings are only from October 15-31.

Income Breakdown:

I am going to post my income in the month I earn it not when I get the actual payments. I know a lot of other people do it the other way around but for me, this makes more sense.

Adsense Ads(half month) – $ 21.13

Amazon Affiliate Links – $ 78.65

TOTAL INCOME = $99.78   


1 Years Hosting w/ Bluehost – $35.40

Paradise Pack w/ EBA Lite – $197.00

TOTAL =  – 132.62

So technically I am in the red still but the training is what got me the traffic and I plan to keep using training continually to help me learn and grow. I feel pretty awesome about that first month and can’t wait to see what November brings! Stay tuned! Check out my how to start a blog for newbies post here!

PLEASE share your income reports here and anything else you want to know about blogging! I am loving writing this post and excited for the next one! I want to help so seriously if there is a topic or questions you are interested in please comment or email me!

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