November 2016 Blog Pageview and Income Report

2nd month blogging double the income and pageviews
2nd month blogging double the income and pageviews Laptop Beach by Laura Hoffmann cc2.0

The second month blogging was even more exciting for me than the first! It was so amazing to watch the numbers grow both income and pageviews! I think the absolute best part of it was the comments that came pouring in. I loved hearing from the other momma’s out there! It was amazing! I got some “tried it’s” on Pinterest and that was exciting as well.

My main goal in blogging was to be able to help others out there and this month really felt like I was doing that!

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer or Financial Advisor. All posts are my opinions and things that have worked well in my life. Please consult a professional for advice.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase. All opinions are my very own and I never share anything that I don’t use and love! This is at no cost to you and allows me to stay home with my babies! Thank you!

A little bit of background…

I first stumbled across the idea of blogging around March 2016 about 6 months pregnant, trying to find a way to stay home longer with my kids. My little P arrived 2 months early in April and I knew I had to make this work! So I started writing a few posts in Google Docs and was surprised how easily the words came out and how much I really enjoyed the outlet of writing.

Barely sleeping and living between a hospital with a baby in the NICU and home with a 2-year-old was not leaving a ton of blogging time. Then rolled up in a super sale came Elite Blog Academy Lite with the Paradise Pack bundle for only like $200. I knew I needed some training because I had NO idea what I was doing.

So I dived in and bought it because I loved the early entry to EBA(only opens twice a year) and that I had the option to upgrade to the full EBA course as well. I started working my way through the course and had some stops to work on creating great content. I decided that 20 was a good number of posts for me before I wanted to start sharing my blog with the world.

In April  I made the leap to buy hosting and domain through BlueHost for a year. I spent May, June, July and August writing when I could find the time and learning how to set up my blog(read a not tech savvy newbie guide to setting up a functional working blog). I worked my way through EBA Lite the first module and about halfway through the second module too. Thank you, Ruth, for giving me the skills to blog with a purpose and passion! Seriously, EBA is a total game changer and I think it is a fantastic course for a new blogger!

Why i’m sharing this with you…

Money has always been a private matter to me. So sharing this feels really weird to me. I don’t even talk about money with my family very often. It was the other people who shared their income that got me to start blogging in the first place. I am hoping that me sharing my income reports will inspire someone else out there the way I was inspired to start a blog. There is definitely room in the blogging world for everyone, it’s like making a new friend!

What worked this month…

This month Amazon had a great incentive of 12% commission for using their Native Ads and I made sure to take full advantage of using them. They converted reasonably well but not near what my normal text links do. It still made for a good second month using Amazon Associates.

Creating more read worthy content and good images to go with them. It feels great to see readers come back and share your content. I was happy to see some great numbers for some of my new posts this month!

What needs improvement…

I manually pinned all of my pins this month. There were days it was great and there were days where I missed pinning because of life. I will definitely start automating my pins for next month and see how it goes. Pinning manually is VERY time-consuming and a task I think that is better off automated.

I slapped up Google Adsense in Mid October and left it just how it came. I honestly have no clue what to do with it to improve and see more profit with a user-friendly site still. I’ll be reading up to see what I can do to make a difference and try some A/B testing next month to see if I can improve.

The numbers…

Pretty exciting stuff here for my second month! I almost doubled both pageviews and income! I’m really hoping to keep things growing and improving each month.

PAGEVIEWS – 62,340!!!!!!  Thank you my amazing readers! You guys are the best!

 google analytics pageviews
google analytics pageviews


I am going to post my income in the month I earn it not when I get the actual payments. I know a lot of other people do it the other way around but for me, this makes more sense.


Google Adsense – $64.33

Amazon Associates – $ 130.82



TOTAL – Last month $ -132.62


     This month  $ 195.15


= $ 62.53 Woohoo! I’m out of the red!

So there it is ladies and gentlemen, my first real profit! I am excited to get a better grasp on affiliate marketing, as well as start working on some great products of my own. I am also working on building my social media following so that I can start working with brands in the near future as another source of income.

Lots to work on that is for sure! PLEASE share your income reports here and anything else you want to know about blogging or what is working well this month for you! I want to help, so seriously if there is a topic or questions you are interested in please comment or email me!

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    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much! I hope to keep learning as much as I can to keep things progressing. Day by day is a great approach!

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