My Blogging Journey From Day 1 Edition 1

blogging journey from day 1 edition 1
blogging journey from day 1 edition 1

Browsing Pinterest one day I stumbled across a blog (which I didn’t know was a thing at that point) it was about working from home as a mom and side hustles. I read on about how this mom was blogging part time and making enough money to stay home with her kids from writing about topics that I felt like “hey I know a lot about that stuff too.” Then I searched it and found a huge number more of these women.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase. All opinions are my very own and I never share anything that I don’t use and love! This is at no cost to you and allows me to stay home with my babies! Thank you!

These were women like me and they were showing how much money they made (super weird I thought) blogging. They were writing about things I knew about and they were helping people. What a cool job! Surely they must have English and Business degrees to be doing so well. Some of them had degrees that didn’t translate to blogging at all and some didn’t have degrees at all.

The lightbulb in my head went off. I could do this too! I could help people by writing about things I know and it could allow me to stay at home and raise my kids. How amazing is that! So of course I researched and researched and saw that it was possible but was going to take all of the time I can afford to live on my husband’s income to hopefully see a following and maybe a profit.

So here I am giving it a go. Not sure where it will lead but it’s really making me feel purposeful and like an adult, while I’m home with my little ones all day. I look forward to my early morning blogging sessions! I do know I want to share my journey from start to finish and hopefully, it will do for someone else what those other mommy bloggers did for me.

The first-month blogging has been very exciting and utterly confusing. I love the writing part and I love that my message will hopefully help someone, as for the rest I feel like a toddler trying to learn the alphabet it is a very slow process with tiny bits of information at a time. Every time I think I have something figured out I figured out that I don’t have it figured out.

The technical side of everything is very confusing, thank you youtube and all the wonderful people who make videos to help people like me. So I have my WordPress site up and running I have posted my first blog post which are all words and no pictures. I made these awesome Pages which I found out do nothing because your blog posts go to categories, not pages. Apparently, there is a way around this or a few ways around this some which include coding… I promise to be sure to write a blog post specifically about this because I am sure there are many other new bloggers learning the same thing.

I am loving they edit my rough drafts and make me look better! I definitely need practice in the writing department it’s been a long time.

Amazon affiliates was super easy to sign up with and even easier to search and link products that I use and love (you can sign up with no page views at all). I’m excited to be able to share the products that have made my life so much easier.

Going to be posting my first Income Report next month. I want to show my “in the red” startup costs so others out there can get a realistic picture of what it costs and how quickly or slowly you make it up.

Working on setting up an email list with MailChimp and finding a good giveaway to get people to sign up. Every blogger says you have to create an email list and you should start right away. So I am taking the wise advice of the veterans and hoping I can build a huge list (still debating what my newsletter will include and how to format it).

I have not yet bought a theme and am using the original one WordPress gives you. I just feel like I’m not ready to put the money into yet until I get a better grasp on some of the fundamentals. I will definitely be using a web designer to help me walk through all that when I get to that point, though.

My blog week at this point is looking like an hour in the morning and an hour at naptime M-F( I have a newborn, 2-year-old and am watching my 5-year-old nephew for a couple months). I will watch youtube videos or google ideas when I can with the kids to help prepare me for those hours. Right now the majority of my time is being spent writing so I can build up my content and improve it.
I would love to hear from any other newbie bloggers or veterans out there about how their blog journey began. I also want this to be a place where other can link their Income Reports as well. Hopefully, a place for some inspiration as the months go on!

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