Mommy And Me Classes! Where To Find Different Options And Why To Take Them!

mommy and me classes
mommy and me classes

In the life of a SAHM, WAHM, and WM, we want our children to be active and have an enriched life. Mommy and me classes can be a great way to give a little structure to an activity and spend some time together. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be just mom’s. Dads are awesome, grandparents are great, aunts and uncles are cool, older siblings are amazing and even the nanny or sitter can join in the fun too.

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Generally, mommy and me classes are for children between the ages of 18 months – 3 years. There are a few that start as early as 4 months of age and a few that go up to elementary school age. These classes are intended to teach basic skills in the specific class you choose with the comfort and assistance from someone the child knows and is comfortable with.  

What classes are out there?

  • Sports – There are a ton of sports classes out there. Soccer, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance, Martial Arts, Tennis, Tee-Ball, Hockey, Ice Skating. The ones that you can find regularly in most cities are Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Dance, Gymnastics and Martial Arts. Different cities offer different classes based on the interest in those sports. Here in Seattle, we have a great variety but still we don’t come close to what New York offers.
  • ExerciseI have seen quite a few great classes for getting a workout in with your little one. Yoga, Zumba, Stroller Workouts, Pilates and Water Aerobics are the most common classes to be found. Exercise classes are great because they serve a double purpose. You get a workout and some quality time with your little one. I love getting 2 things accomplished at the same time!
  • EducationMaybe you are looking for something more on the educational side. A class where you and your little one are learning together. There are Language, Science, Cooking and Nature classes available. How great to explore a new subject with your little one with a pre-planned and guided curriculum!
  • ArtsFeeling creative? Jump into an Art, Theater or Music class. These classes can nurture both of your creative sides and develop an early love and interest in The Arts!

Where can I find these classes?

Sometimes a little searching is required to find local classes if they are a bit more specialized. The basic mommy and me classes can be found with a simple Google search for “mommy and me classes in (insert your city here).” Some of the major players that can be found are The Little Gym, Gymboree, and KinderMusik.

For sports, classes check out your local city recreation guide online. Just do a quick Google search for “your city” recreation guide. Your gym or fitness club is a great place to look as well. If you’re looking for a Dance class then search for local children’s dance studios(not all will offer mommy and me but some do). The educational classes can often be found through your local museums(children’s and adults), science centers, parks and botanical gardens. Check with your local theater or children’s theater for drama classes. Music and Art studios for both children and adults are good places to find those courses.

If you are still having trouble finding classes then go to somewhere lots of kids go to play and check out their bulletin boards. Many times flyers and business cards will be posted that can point you in the right direction. The place you’re visiting may even offer a mommy and me class. Asking other mom’s in your area is also a great resource for recommendations and reviews too!

How much do mommy and me classes cost?

Most classes run either for a set amount of weeks or you pay monthly. Discounts are offered occasionally, for payment in advance, auto pay or referral programs. City classes run around $40-80 for a 9-week program. Monthly classes usually have a registration fee of $25 or so and cost between $25-75 monthly depending which class you sign up for. Prices can really vary in different locations(I’m in the Seattle area) so check it out and see what your budget can allow for.

Benefits of mommy and me class for your child

I can not count the number of times someone has told me their child is too little to get anything out of going somewhere. Or that they are too young to remember going anyways. I am so so passionate about early childhood education and I have to tell you if you feel that way you are wrong.

Children learn from experiences! They learn everything they know from watching. So if you let them watch and be exposed to more things than the more they will learn! Magic huh? You are your child’s teacher from day one and the more experiences you can offer him/her the bigger the brain growth.

Without getting too technical when your child sees something new it forms a new connection in their brain. These connections equal out to brain power and learning. We want to give our children as many connections as possible( without overwhelming or overstimulating them). Brain growth during the first 3 years of life is at its peak and will never grow again at that rate as you get older.

Take advantage of that knowledge and help your child form as many connections as you possibly can! Joining a mommy and me class is a learning experience for your little one. It can also help with social skills, like making friends, being comfortable in group settings, sharing and following instructions. You are creating an early love of sports, art, music or whatever you choose.

Benefits of mommy and me class for moms

For you mommas out there mommy and me classes give you some special bonding time with your little one. It’s great to be able to do a fun activity and share your passions with you children at the same time. It’s also great to be around other mom’s and adults who are living a similar lifestyle as you are. You may just make a new friend too! Playdates are so much more fun when the other mommy is a friend who stays to have a cup of coffee and chat.

Sometimes as a SAHM or WAHM we end up being home way too much. Mommy and me classes are a great reason to get out of the house. Enjoy the scenery and take the long way there and back or stop at Starbucks while you’re out. Make it something you can look forward to as well.

The structure that a mommy and me class gives you is nice as well. You are there to guide and help teach your child but the curriculum is planned by someone else. It feels good to give your child the gift of education but takes the pressure off of you having to plan everything out.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how great mommy and me classes are and where to find them. I hope you will venture out and sign your family up for one. Help your little one form as many brain connections they can. It can be as simple as a trip the park, mall or grocery store. When your little and you haven’t seen anything the whole big world is full of learning experiences!
As always I love sharing and I love when you share with me! Please share your mommy and me experiences and what you recommend or plan to try. Also if you know of some other cool options I forgot please share them with us!

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