How To Work Efficiently

how to work efficiently
how to work efficiently

As I sit here with my morning cup of coffee, I knew I needed to share what has worked for me in terms of working efficiently from home with 2 little ones. It is not easy! Your schedule will get messed up but that is just the law of having children. So, if you can give it your best effort to plan well and then roll with it when life happens and you can’t stay on schedule. I think you can find a nice balance of working efficiently while still being an awesome mommy!

Working from home is such a blessing. You get to be in a comfortable environment while getting a job done and still be a SAHM to your little ones. That does not, by any means make it easy! It takes hard work to find a good balance. Here is what has worked for me to get things done efficiently and focused.

(These tips will also work great for a SAHM who wants to clean, meal plan or have a hobby on the side. )

  1. Get a planner – I use my planner to time block what I need to do and when I need to do it. That way when my brain has a million other things going on I can look at my planner for what I need to get focused on. I use the LWSL planner which is amazing!
  2. Time Block – On Sunday evening I will pull out my planner and schedule what I need to work on for the week. The hours I can work are early in the morning, naptime and an occasional late night if I need too. I time block those hours for specific tasks. Example from 6-7am write a blog post on working efficiently/create graphics. When I look ahead I will know if I need to do some research for that. Then I can plan ahead to do that the night before. The target $1 section had these great hourly planner inserts so I have been using those (the new LWSL Planner will have that feature).
  3. Prioritize – Certain things will have to be done that week, while others may be able to wait. Have a way of marking those items. Highlight them, star, or mark them in whatever way will catch your attention.
  4. Stick to your schedule – This is the part that as a mom you have to be flexible with. Things come up and sometimes it’s just impossible to get what you had planned done. If one of your “must do” items got missed for the day, consider staying up late to finish it up. Of course, you still need your sleep so anything else that doesn’t have to be done can be rescheduled.
  5. Set goalsCreate reachable goals for yourself to accomplish monthly or weekly and write them down in your planner. The satisfaction that comes with crossing something off your to-do list or reaching a goal is such an amazing feeling. Continue to set new goals for yourself so that you feel you have a purpose to work for.
  6. Look ahead – Try to look ahead a few days or a week and keep yourself mentally prepared for what is coming. That way when you’re playing with the kids and you can squeeze in some phone time, you can bookmark that youtube tutorial to come back to during your work time block.

Using these strategies has really helped me to work efficiently. It helps to keep me on track and motivated to accomplish my goals because they seem more attainable when I have a plan. Of course, life will happen and you will get thrown off track but just reset and get back on track.

One of the main things you have to distinguish as a WAHM or a SAHM is what is most important to you. Your children will always take priority or you wouldn’t be home with them. So don’t feel guilty when you are working too much or frustrated when you can’t get enough work done. They are little for such a short time! The bond and memories you are creating with them will last you and them a lifetime. Work is great, very fulfilling and pays the bills, but, remember how truly important it is to enjoy your children. All too soon they will be teenagers that are never home.
Share your tips for working from home with little ones. Or tell me how this routine is working for you below!

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