How To Tidy The House In 30 Minutes


A friend just called to see if they can swing by for a quick visit and cup of coffee. You would love to visit but look around your messy house and think no way can anyone see this. I have been there too many times to count. With kids, it’s pretty impossible to keep a clean and tidy house at all times.

Here’s what to do…

I have a trick that I learned to make your house look halfway decent in 30 minutes or less depending on how big your home is. It’s actually fairly simple but makes a huge impact of a difference visually. First, you’ll need to distract the kids. Pull out that tablet or turn on the TV with an educational game or show (don’t worry a little screen time is okay when you need to get something done). Throw the baby in the exersaucer or front pack and grab your phone, you’ll need your timer out for this.

1. Start with the most important room first. If no one will see it then save it for later when you have the time. For me, it’s the living room.

2. Take a look at it and see what stands out to you.

3. Now set your timer for 5 minutes and clear the clutter as quickly as you can. Just set it in the room it belongs in don’t take the time to put it exactly where it goes or your time will run out.

4. Try to be efficient make a pile that goes to the kitchen, kids room, etc… then distribute to the proper room.

5. When the timer dings then the time is up, take whatever is in your hand where it belongs and move on to the next room.

Make sure not to skip step number 2. If the counters are gross then you need to clean them. If it’s just cluttered then clear it away. If the sink is full of dishes then put them in the dishwasher. You get the idea, focus on what catches your eye first as it will likely draw your visitor’s attention as well.

If you finish early…

If the rooms your visitor will see are done and they haven’t arrived yet, then take that time to do a quick walk through and clean whatever catches your eye again. Or change your clothes, throw on some makeup, get the kids cleaned up and the TV off. Whatever matters to you more : )

Everything has a home

One thing that lets this trick work for me is that everything in my house has a home. I have learned over the years that less is definitely more. Especially when you move into a smaller space! For my sanity’s sake, I had to figure out a way for the things in my home to have a place to go or the house constantly looked like a cluttered mess. Read more about how to do that here.

Being a great hostess

I love to be a good hostess but again with small children, I am not always put together the way I wish I was. I choose to play and enjoy my children over being perfect at everything. Read these simple tips to being a great hostess in the simplest way.
Please share! I love to hear from everyone about their secrets to keeping things in order with little ones running around.

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