How to start a blog for newbies with step-by-step instructions!


how to start a blog for newbies with step-by-step instructions
how to start a blog for newbies with step-by-step instructions      Photo by Ashley

Less than a year ago I had no clue what a blog was. I was reading them every day on Pinterest but just assumed they were websites. Now I know that a blog is a website but it is also a real person writing about their passion or topic that they are knowledgeable in. These awesome people are everywhere and they are traveling the world, staying home with their kids, paying off debts or enjoying a life they never thought they could.

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Until blogging came into my life I never thought outside the 9-5 job box. Unless I hit the lotto I would work a job until I retired. Now, my perspective is so different! Other bloggers opened my eyes to living a life on my own terms and enjoying it while doing something I love. I want to share that passion that has been lit with you today!

It’s not that blogging is a get rich quick scheme or that it works for everyone. It is passionate writers that connect with their audience and offer them something of value to their lives. That is what keeps readers coming back for more.

So let’s get you started building your own blog and headed towards spending yours days with passion and purpose!

Starting a blog is actually pretty easy and that it is coming from someone who is not tech savvy at all! The resources out there are endless. People are passionate about sharing and teaching how to blog.

The way to go with blogging is a self-hosted site through Bluehost. They are cheap and even better they have amazing support to go with their cheap! You can choose different options of either paying monthly(at a higher rate, but good for you if your not ready to commit or don’t have the money for the year right now) or yearly at a lower rate. It’s a pretty small investment to pay for the year and honestly it can be your only start up cost if you choose. I definitely wish I would have purchased at least 3 years because the initial price is so great!

A self-hosted website is instead of You buy the name(Bluehost includes it free most of the time) and Bluehost is in charge of keeping your site up for the world to see.


Okay, here we go…

I’m going to walk you through this screenshot by screenshot so you can see what to do visually.

how to start a blog
how to start a blog

Click the green get started button!



how to start a blog

Choose your package! I recommend one with unlimited storage.



how to start a blogEnter in your domain name that you would like and see if it is available. Make sure you choose wisely here. Something easy to spell, rememberable, it needs to speak to what your blog is about


how to start a blogFill out all your account information. You should get a Gmail account with your blog name for email. Through hosting, you will also be as well and can forward to one email inbox.
how to start a blogFinalize your package choice. If I could go back and do the 3 years I totally would. It just depends on your budget.



how to start a blogCheck your email for confirmation. Create your password and get logged in!



how to start a blogCongrats! You are a blog owner! You will see a start screen like this. Check out the helpful resources tab at the top when you get a chance. Go to the website tab and click on install WordPress.

Tada! You did it! Now there are a few tricky things I remember in setting up WordPress and I don’t want you to spend time getting lost in these. There is and you need an account with your blog name their as well for some of the downloads you will use. Other than creating that account and logging in for a few plugins you will not be using it. So please don’t spend time working on your blog at it’s the wrong site!

You are self-hosted on which you won’t use too much but for tutorials and other random things. Where you will live is at Type that in your bar at the top of the page and hit enter you will be asked to set up your new site and create login information.

how to start a blog

The screen looks like this to login to the backside of your blog.




how to start a blogThis is what your dashboard will look like. When your here, it’s official you have your very own blog.



Hopefully this helps get you to the dashboard with your new blog! Can’t wait to read it! Post your link to your new blog below in the comment section!

Check out my first income and page view report here! Stay tuned for a Newbie Blogger 30-day Challenge coming soon to help you get your blog up and running, published and bringing in some traffic!

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