How To Prepare To Go Back To School

how to prepare to go back to school
how to prepare to go back to school

Summer break is such a great and memorable time for kids. Sleeping in, staying up late and playing outside all day long! Us mom’s get to sleep in a bit and enjoy a more leisurely pace throughout the day( who am I kidding we usually get up anyways to get things done and spend the day trying to keep the “I’m bored” comments to a minimum).

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When it is time to start getting ready for back to school, you may start wondering how you’re ever going to pry these children out of their beds in the morning. This foolproof method will definitely help you get back in the swing of things so that the first week of school is great and not a battle.

You’ll need at least one but better if it’s two weeks before the back to school start date. Warn the kids that this is coming so that they are somewhat prepared for it.

Here’s what you’ll need to do…

  • Start the night before with your school routine( here is the routine that has worked well for me). Pick out clothes, pack lunches, get backpacks packed, brush teeth and set alarms. This will be a light version of what you normally do since school hasn’t really started yet. If you’re just starting a routine this will give you good practice to make a habit that will help you start your family’s morning stress-free.
  • Get the kids in bed by their normal school year bedtime. You don’t have to make sure they are actually sleeping but at least ready for bed and lights out( let them enjoy the last few weeks of summer).
  • Have everyone wake up at the time they would during the school year( I know this may seem a little crazy but I swear it will be worth it!). Yes, you really have to get them out of their beds and moving to make this work.
  • When they get up have them do their morning routine. Get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, pack up the backpack. You don’t have to rush them around in a hurry but get them back in the habit of what needs to be done each morning.
  • Walk to the bus stop, go for a bike ride or get in the car like you normally would. Either your kids are up getting some fresh air or you are all ready to go make the most of the last few weeks of summer. Walk together or ride bikes together and get in that morning exercise.
  • Spend the rest of the day like you would any other summer day! Go play and have fun! Since you’re up early you all have a full day to enjoy together. I also like to use these days to go school shopping. It gets the kids excited to go back to school with their new backpacks, supplies, and new clothes!
  • Start the routine all over again at night time!

You may think why on earth would I want to start this fiasco any earlier than I have to? Kids really thrive on a routine it’s been proven time and again that children who know what to expect feel more confident and secure. The first week of school will be very exciting and much happier if the kids aren’t still adjusting to back to school schedule( the bonus is it will be much easier for you too!).

Those two weeks can be great for getting all the back to school supplies you need. Get them organized and ready for the first day, that way you don’t have to worry about the last minute rush. If fall sports are in your future then be sure to make sure the kids have all that equipment ready to go as well. Planning ahead will save you money in last minute purchases and allow the kids to get what they really want and need.

A fun idea to make the most of your last weeks of summer is to throw an end of summer celebration. Before you dive into this, plan an amazing day that screams summer! Maybe a trip to the water park, a big camp out with all their friends, pool party or whatever other great ideas you have. Get the kids really excited and make a big deal out of it( you can still go do more summer things in the days of this routine too, but this may ease the transition going into it).

Tell me all about how you ended summer and how this routine is working for your family! What did I miss? Share your back to school tips below!


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