Getting Your Body Ready For Pregnancy

getting your body ready for pregnancy
getting your body ready for pregnancy

Deciding that you are ready for a baby is such an exciting time in your life! It is a very exciting new chapter to start in your life. One that will be completely new and different. Now, if you are anything like me, of course, you want to be sure that you do your homework and give yourself the best and healthiest chance of getting pregnant. Today, we are going to cover everything you want to know about getting your body ready for pregnancy!

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer or Financial Advisor. All posts are my opinions and things that have worked well in my life. Please consult a professional for advice.

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Reasons to get your body ready…


  • Increases fertility odds – Preparing your body for pregnancy is a great way to help you up your chances of conceiving on the first try! Getting pregnant can be really tough and for many requires medical intervention. So give yourself the best leg up you can to help yourself conceive naturally.


  • Fewer chances of risks and complications for mom and baby – If your body is a fine-tuned machine you will dramatically reduce your chances of risks and complications you can experience during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Consider the tiny human you are about to make as well and know that you are reducing her/his risks and complications as well. Creating a safe place for your baby to grow is essential for a healthy pregnancy.


  • Overall Health – The things you need to do to get your body ready for pregnancy all play a big role in creating overall wellness and health for you. Creating a healthy lifestyle is always a great idea for your physical, mental, and emotional health. A better, less stressed you is a perfect way to get your body ready for pregnancy.


Things to start…


  • Start a Pre-Natal Vitamin – Even if you are a few months away from being ready to try starting a prenatal vitamin early is a great way to help get your body ready for pregnancy. The two main things your body needs are Iron and Folic Acid. Baby will use your Iron stores during the end of pregnancy and if you do not have enough there it can cause anemia troubles for both you and baby. Folic Acid is so important as well because it can reduce the chances of birth defects in your baby. Most birth defects happen early in pregnancy so by starting before you conceive you are giving your baby the best chance of being healthy. These are the prenatal vitamins that I love and use. They have added DHA for healthy brain and eye development during pregnancy.


  • Start exercising – If you are already exercising then you already have this step covered. If you are not then it is time to start! This does not have to be an insane workout to get your best body ever. It is about making your body healthy and helping it function the way it should. A daily walk is a great start! You can join a class if you like the group accountability! Maybe pick something outdoors is you hate the idea of the gym. The point is that you need to get active! Do it in a way that you enjoy so that it is not something you will dread or skip. Join a fitness group on, ask your bestie to walk with you during lunch, meet your mom for a tea and walk around the lake, go hiking with your hubby…find your thing and make it happen! Make it something to look forward too! Be creative!


  • Clean up your diet – Oh goodness I just asked you to start exercising and now I am trying to take away your food! I know..right? This baby making business is no joke! By all means, I am not going to say no carbs or anything crazy like that. I will say that if it is packaged and premade it has to go. What you are going for is things that grow or come from living things. Nothing packed full of ingredients you can barely say. It will be fairly simple actually… veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds(brown rice, whole wheat bread(without additives), oats, quinoa, lentils, beans, whole wheat pasta), dairy(eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt), meat. Check out this great clean eating list! The idea is to eat from the earth. Things that grow and live on the earth and not the extra chemicals that man created. The other step is to portion your food to what your body needs. Check out this cool trick to help you remember how much you should eat. Remember that when you do get pregnant your body will need some extra calories but not a ton.


  • Drink water – Obviously, we all drink water or we wouldn’t survive! But, now it is time to ramp up your water intake. Most people don’t drink the amount of water that their bodies need on a daily basis. So here are the guidelines of how much you should be drinking. Try grabbing one of these cute water bottles to take with you during the day and know that you need to drink 3 of them a day. Set a reminder on your phone or download a fun app to help remind you. If you want your body to make another human you are going to have to do it some favors : )

Things to stop…


  • Boozing it up – Drinking alcohol can lower your chances of fertility. It is also something your body fights to process and get rid. On top of all that the development that happens in the first early weeks of pregnancy is really important! Alcohol can cause huge birth defects and can be really dangerous for your baby. So if you are serious about getting pregnant than ditch the margaritas until after baby arrives.


  • Smoking(anything) – Cigarettes are an obviously bad for you but they are even worse for your baby and can cause birth defects and much worse. Smoking anything at all needs to stop too! The effects of drugs on babies are awful! If you are considering getting pregnant then find the way that is right to help you quit smoking before you start trying to conceive.


  • Birth Control – Depending on the type of birth control you are on it can take some for the birth control to leave your system as well as get your body ovulating and functioning normally. Plan ahead to stop your birth control and speak with your doctor about when you can expect your body to be ready to conceive. Remember to use condoms in the time your doctor recommends you to wait for the birth control to leave your system because those medicines can have negative effects on your baby as well.


  • Strenuous Workouts – Get your workout in! But, if you are training for a marathon then it probably isn’t the right time to get pregnant. Too much strenuous exercise can use up your body’s energy and nutrients and can make getting pregnant harder. Another caution is that a tough workout can also cause miscarriage and preterm birth. It is perfectly healthy and good for you to exercise while trying to conceive and while pregnant(as long as your doctor agrees) but you have to stick to something that is light to moderate, nothing more than what your body is used to.


  • Dieting – Your body is a temple. It’s time to start viewing your body as a safe haven for your baby. Don’t worry you will get it back! For now losing those 10 pounds for that wedding coming up is off the table. The yo-yo diets and shakes are out! Although if you are eating healthy whole foods like I mentioned above you may well lose it anyways! When you are trying to get pregnant you need to eat 6 small meals a day. 3 smaller sized meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then 3 small snacks in between meals. Fuel your body with the energy it needs for the day and to help your body make a baby.


  • Eating processed and sugary foods – These foods are terrible for you anyways but when you are trying to conceive if your body has to focus on breaking down these yucky foods then it has less baby making energy. Another reason to stop eating these foods is that being overweight can cause many risks to your baby when you are pregnant as well. So if it comes in a package, if it is a sugary or salty food then ditch it and pick up a banana when you have a sweet tooth! There are amazing recipes for healthy desserts just check out Pinterest for some healthy and yummy inspiration.


  • Cut some caffeine – I know I said it! Sorry! I am a coffee addict and need my morning cup of jo or else! Drinking too much caffeine can decrease fertility. When the time came that we were ready to try for baby number one I read up on caffeine and the reasons to cut back while trying to conceive and while pregnant. Needless to say, there was enough there that told me I at least needed to find a way to cut some of it out. So I switched to green tea and it sucked! I had cranky headaches for a while but eventually, my body got used to it. I had 1-2 cups of green tea a day..much safer and healthier for baby. It was tough and the moment that sweet baby was out of my body I said get me some coffee!!!! Just try to keep in mind that this is a season in life and your baby deserves your best! It is a great motivator!


  • Perscription Meds(you can live without) – This is a cautious subject…there are medicines you will need to continue on for your health. But, before you are ready to start trying you need to talk with your doctor about what can have negative side effects on fertility and the baby once you get pregnant. Consider talking to your doctor about natural remedies or safer options for your pregnancy. Finding the right options will be something that you and your doctor will need to make a plan for.


Well, ladies there you have it! The best ways to help get your body ready to make a tiny human! It is a tough business and also very rewarding. Once you have prepared your body for pregnancy here are my tried and true methods for getting pregnant on the first try! Go get busy making a baby and don’t forget to have fun doing it!


And little old me will be anxiously awaiting to hear from you about your adventures of becoming a mommy! So please come back and leave a comment! About how it is going, if you are trying, if you are pregnant, anything else I forgot that can be helpful to other women out there or anything else you want to ask! Even if you don’t normally leave comments I would love if you left one here! I want this to be a place to connect and help each other out : )

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