How To Get Pregnant On The 1st Try!

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I am a planner by nature. I like to research and have a good idea about most big decisions before I dive in. I think it gives me more comfort in thinking that I will succeed if I have more information on a subject. That being said when me and my husband decided we were ready to try for a baby I wanted to know all about how to make a baby. I wanted my little bundle to be the healthiest and smartest with the best opportunities in life from the very start! We were extremely fortunate to get pregnant on the first try both times. I feel like learning my body and preparing it definitely was a large factor it that.

The first steps to getting your body ready for a baby are pretty basic.

  • You need to be eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly (this doesn’t have to be anything to crazy a nice daily walk is a good start or Zumba or yoga class whatever your preference is). Your body needs to be running like a finely tuned machine to create a human! It’s a lot of work!
  • Next, you will want to add in a prenatal vitamin to your daily regimen. I like this one. Folic Acid is incredibly important to your body preparing for a baby, through pregnancy, and after pregnancy, if you’re breastfeeding. Extra Iron is also an important benefit you get from a prenatal vitamin. Your baby will use Iron from your body during pregnancy so having extra stored up before you get pregnant can help prevent anemia in both you and your baby.
  • The next step is to cut out the alcohol if you’ve been drinking. There are many studies that show that consuming alcohol greatly decreases your fertility. So if you’re serious about getting pregnant enjoy a last hoorah and cut out the alcohol. You’ll have to do it when you’re pregnant anyways.
  • This next part is weird for some people but if you really want to give it your best shot you need to find out when your ovulating. Buy a Basal Thermometer. They differ from a regular thermometer by being more accurate to the specific temperature instead of reading 98.6 your basal thermometer will read 98.68 or whatever your temp is that day. The trick with this is to take your temp vaginally in the morning before you get up. Getting up changes you resting body temp and can give you an inaccurate reading. So leave pen and paper on your nightstand or chart it on your phone with an app (there are lots of free ones). Your normal temp should range from 97.2-97.7 degrees, roughly. A few days after you ovulate you will see a spike in your temp between about 0.4-1.0 degrees.  It will stay up until your next period. If it only spikes for one day it’s probably not ovulation. Once you get a month or two charted you should be able to find out roughly when you are ovulating. Again ovulation happens a few days before that temperature spike so pay close attention to the numbers.
  • I like to combine using the basal thermometer with and ovulation kit predictor. You pee in a little cup and dip a test strip in your urine to test if you are ovulating. Using this allowed me to narrow down exactly the days I was ovulating and gave me the best chance of conceiving. The kits are a little pricey so I suggest using your basal temp to narrow down the days you suspect your ovulating and use the test strips to confirm that you are right.
  • The next part is the easiest part. Go grab your man and get to it! You’ll want to get busy a couple days before you ovulate when your ovulating and a couple days after you ovulate. You are really only fertile for about 1 week of the month ( who knew right???). A little personal advice on my part is to not tell your man that you’re ovulating but to just set the mood and go for it. Telling your guy may give him anxiety and spoil the mood. Certainly, make sure you’re both ready for a baby just leave out the exact days you’re ovulating it can be a little too much pressure for some guys to perform if they know the expectations.
  • After you do the deed lay down for 15 minutes or so to give his swimmers the chance to work their magic ; )
  • Now here is the hardest part you have to wait until at least 5 days before your missed period to take the pregnancy test you’re so excited about! I can’t tell you the money I wasted in taking tests before they could get an accurate reading. I was just so excited I couldn’t wait to find out! The tests give you accuracy results on the side of the box on which day you take the test so if you take an early test don’t be discouraged you may have jumped the gun just a bit. Try again in a few days. Here is the pregnancy test I got great early results with.

If you do get your period don’t give up hope it was only your first try. Sometimes these things take time and sometimes even medical help if needed. If you get a positive test, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You’re going to be a mommy! It’s the most amazing gift I could have ever imagined!

Please Share! Let me know your results and feedback! I would love to hear your story!

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