My Blogging Journey From Day 1 Edition 1

blogging journey from day 1 edition 1
blogging journey from day 1 edition 1

Browsing Pinterest one day I stumbled across a blog (which I didn’t know was a thing at that point) it was about working from home as a mom and side hustles. I read on about how this mom was blogging part time and making enough money to stay home with her kids from writing about topics that I felt like “hey I know a lot about that stuff too.” Then I searched it and found a huge number more of these women. Continue reading “My Blogging Journey From Day 1 Edition 1”

How To Keep Paperwork Clutter At Bay

how to keep paperwork clutter at bay
how to keep paperwork clutter at bay

My Mom always had piles of bills to pay and paperwork to file. So, naturally so did I when I grew up. At some point it gets out of control, important things get lost and I had to come up with a better way to get it all organized. The good part is that technology has gotten so easy these days that there are millions of tools to help you get organized. Continue reading “How To Keep Paperwork Clutter At Bay”

5 Swaddle Blankets that will actually get your baby to sleep through the night!

5 swaddle blankets that will actually get your baby to sleep through the night
5 swaddle blankets that will actually get your baby to sleep through the night. Swaddle Me by StarMama. CC2.0

Little tiny babies will shock you with how they can be little ninjas and work their way out of swaddle blankets in a flash. The “Moro reflex” is the startle reflex all babies are born with as a protective measure. What it equals out to in modern day is a baby who startles itself awake and a tired mommy or daddy who has to get that little one back to sleep. In comes the centuries-old tradition of swaddling. To keep the baby wrapped tightly so they feel safe and secure as if they were in the womb. Continue reading “5 Swaddle Blankets that will actually get your baby to sleep through the night!”

The About Me

About The Blog:

Welcome to The Best Of The Middle! What you’ll find here is the best of middle-class life from a stay-at-home mom/working mom/nanny/blogger. I’ll be talking about topics like kids and babies, personal finance, the home, credit, home buying and selling, travel and my blogging journey. Add in a little bit of reality and humor and that’s what you can expect here.  

Check out my categories list and look for some great tips and tricks I think are worth sharing and some products that have made my life easier! I am certainly not super frugal or really crafty, what I can give you is realistic ways to simplify life and make it more enjoyable. Helping women and moms who are looking to do the same is my goal! If I can make one day in your life more simple and enjoyable then my mission is complete!

I have also decided to share my blogging journey from start to finish as a way to encourage other moms out there that they can stay home with their kids too! I will be including a lot of behind the scenes posts about how a SAHM with NO blogging experience started and how it progresses over time. Stay tuned!


About The Me:

I’m Erin, I’m a mom to two beautiful children, one that’s on my boob right now and one that will be up any minute.  Wife to an amazing man that drives me crazy but I can’t live without. I was a nanny for 10 years and love children they are my absolute passion! Now I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom for the moment and have been a working mom as well.  It’s new to me but I am also a blogger and I’m trying to make it my full-time gig.

I love spending time with my family! We enjoy watching sports, getting outside for an adventure or staying in for a family movie night together! We are a pretty regular middle-class family that loves to be together and loves to travel! Our little man “P” joined the family in 2016 and Our big girl “J” is 2 but with the attitude of a teenager!

My husband and I have been together for 10 years now and married for 4. He is my best friend and the love of my life! He also drives me crazy of course! I couldn’t imagine a minute of my life without him!