5 Swaddle Blankets that will actually get your baby to sleep through the night!

5 swaddle blankets that will actually get your baby to sleep through the night
5 swaddle blankets that will actually get your baby to sleep through the night. Swaddle Me by StarMama. CC2.0

Little tiny babies will shock you with how they can be little ninjas and work their way out of swaddle blankets in a flash. The “Moro reflex” is the startle reflex all babies are born with as a protective measure. What it equals out to in modern day is a baby who startles itself awake and a tired mommy or daddy who has to get that little one back to sleep. In comes the centuries-old tradition of swaddling. To keep the baby wrapped tightly so they feel safe and secure as if they were in the womb.

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These days in a fast-paced world where we could all use a little extra sleep, a swaddle blanket can be a lifesaver. However, there are many babies who can wiggle their way out of a swaddle blanket faster than you can get them wrapped in it. I have tried so many swaddle blankets and techniques to keep my little ones asleep and feel like it’s my duty to share with you which ones are worth buying.

  • Miracle Blanket Swaddle – My absolute all time favorite blanket! This one actually makes it through the whole night! It takes a little learning curve figuring how to wrap it correctly but once you master it, it’s very easy and well worth it. The secret that works with this one is wrapping under babies back that way their weight keeps the blanket wrapped.
  • The Swaddle Strap – This works the same way as the Miracle Blanket but doesn’t include the blanket just the swaddle part. It’s great for hot weather! And a nice alternative for older babies or bigger babies who don’t fit so well in the blankets. The velcro again is a little loud for night time but as a bonus, you don’t have to take it off for a diaper change.
  • The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle – These are easy to use and do the job most of the time. The velcro can be loud in the night and they are sometimes too warm in the summer months. On the plus side if you live somewhere cold they make awesome fleece ones that are nice and toasty on a cold night. We tend to use these in the winter.
  • Love to Dream Swaddle Up – This is a swaddle blanket with a twist. It is intended for little ones who like to have their hands to self-soothe but still need to settle that startle reflex. My little man really enjoys having his hands so with him we use this blanket. It is one that can be too warm in the summer months too, but you can do a diaper change without taking it off.  It can also be used to wean off the swaddle as it allows for more freedom but not too much.
  • Aden and Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets – These are the best blanket on the market if you need just a regular swaddle blanket. They are lightweight and breathable and large enough to do a proper swaddle wrap. They double as an easy nursing cover if you tie it around your neck. As a bonus, if you love organic cotton they make those as well!

These are the blankets that have passed my test. There are a million more out there but a lot of them are a waste of time. Either your little one can wiggle out easily or they are too small to wrap properly or they are just uncomfortable and not safe. I hope one of these great blankets brings you and your baby many peaceful and long nights of sleep! Always remember to practice safe sleep habits with baby on their back to bed and stop swaddling when baby can roll from back to tummy.

Please share your well-rested results!

If you are coming to that point where your baby is rolling and you need to stop swaddling but are afraid your baby won’t ever sleep again try my post on swaddle transitioning.


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